Malayalam Tv Serial Akshaya Pathram

Akshaya Pathram Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv


Akshaya Pathram is a tele serial which was aired by Asianet television channel. The story which ran for 100 episodes way back in 2001 was directed by Sreekumaran Thampy. The serial ended in 2002, but it has a left a lasting impression in the viewer’s minds. Sreekumaran Thampy who is a well known Malayalam poet, screenplay writer, film maker, lyricist and music director bagged the SBT Staff Association Award and Malayalam TV viewers’ award for best serial director for the serial Akshaya Pathram. The show was telecasted 5 days a week for almost a year and was prime time soap.

The story revolves around Kamala, played by Rashmi Soman. Kamala was a favourite among the female audiences for a long time as the character, serial plot and story structure revealed the gender bias which was quite prominent in Kerala. Kamala was a highly capable, independent and responsible woman, but still she chose to hide her dreams and opinions to be within the socially acceptable norms. Kamala has been portrayed as an epitome of patience, love and sacrifice, yet she does not get back the love or respect from the society. She remains truthful to her partner and his family despite the tortures, torments, and abuse. The show also featured Abhirami in a prominent role. Abhirami later became a popular south movie actress.

Another specialty of the serial was the melodious songs which are still highly popular.