Kannada Tv Show Thatt Antha Heli

Thatt Antha Heli Kannada Tv shows on Dd chandana

Thatt Antha Heli is a Kannada TV program which is aired on Chandana TV from Monday to Friday at 9.30 PM. This episode is an hour program mainly comprising of quiz questions. This show is a quiz competition program for age group starting from 14 years and above So far the 2500 shows have been aired. The host of this program is Dr. Someshwar, a renowned doctor from Bangalore. To qualify for the competition one has to send the complete resume for the Chandana TV. Chandana TV will shortlist the people and allows them to participate in the Show.

Each show consists of three participants. The host Dr. Someshwar asks the quiz questions. The participants have to answer the question in a stipulated time period. Those who give the correct answers earn a book. There are twelve questions and three answer options. The participants have to select any one from th options. For each question the participant earns 10 points. The participant who earns 100 Points will get a gift in the form of a CD. The question is selected from different topics including but not limited to culture, History, Science, Engineering, Education, Autobiography etc. It also consists of visual questions. Visual of a great personalities or film or animal will be displayed and participants have to identify the correct choice. The questions are also drawn from Kannada Grammar, Simple mathematics, mental ability etc. This show is an educative program which gives a lot of knowledge and allows the viewer to refresh their knowledge. This show is one of the best shows on Chandana TV.