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Kitchen Kiladigalu Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
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Kitchen Kiladigalu is a Kannada cooking reality show which is broadcasted on Vasanth TV. The show starts with the anchor waiting in a well-set kitchen. She then talks about the guest of the day. The guest is not a celebrity or somebody who you would recognize in your daily life; they are the common housewives who come on the set to showcase their cooling skills. The host is not a chef, nor she seems to know a thing about cooking. In most similar kind of serials, the host is usually a chef who is eager to learn what his guest is going to bring to the show.

The kitchen has red cabinets, and it looks like real care has gone into making the piece. The show is shot in a real kitchen as it would be difficult to make a set resembling such closeness. The host starts with how the guest works her way through her daily life. She then enters through the door behind the kitchen. They then stand at the stadium for a little while and chat. The anchor keeps asking her questions to which the guest obliges. She talks about her daily life, how she manages to cook such delicious food, and how it is not a big thing for her.

After a few minutes, they start with the cooking. She explains the dish which is going to be cooked today, and the materials needed to do so. After detailing the ingredients required, the real cooking starts. While she is cooking, she also keeps explaining the steps. She keeps narrating as to what is going on right now, what she is going to do next, why she is doing it, and till when she must keep doing it. The host keeps throwing in her praise about the delicacy. She will sometimes take the baton from the hands of the guest and start doing stuff with her instruction.

Usually, it takes more than a mere twenty minutes to cook a dish, and hence the waiting time is usually not shown. It is although mentioned for how long you need to keep waiting for it to settle, or other stuff. In the end, the anchor is ecstatic about the dish. She says it looks amazing and continues lavishing praise on our shy participant. This format is repeated in every other episode. More than a hundred episodes have been shot and broadcasted till now. Kitchen Kiladigalu also used to air on Sun TV.



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