Kannada Tv Serial Shubhavivaha

Shubhavivaha Kannada tv-serials on ZEE KANNADA

Shubhavivaha had been the most popular serials of the television world. This serial telecasted on Zee Kannada on December 22 at 10 pm. The Shubhavivaha cast includes Kavya Shastri, Kavya Gowda, and Arun Murthy were playing a fantastic role in this serial. In one of the interview, Kavya Shastry had told that “Female audiences can correlate with her character in Shubhavivaha.” It was a typical drama full of emotions, love and how two people with different family background come close to each other by fate and in their married life, they had to face a lot of problems, but when there is love, all problems can be solved.The Shubhavivaha serial is not only famous for its captivating storyline, but also for the title song, which is immensely popular with the audience till date.

This show had portrayed two characters in the serial Shradha and Sunnidhi. These two characters were sisters but very different from each other. They were given birth by a widow, who had to face a lot of problems in nourishing and giving birth to them. Shradha, who was 29 years old and introvert person. Shradha worked as a lecturer and doesn’t talk too much and is very simple and innocent. Opposite to her, Sunnidhi was very modern, smart, who had completed her studies and enjoyed her life. In two sister’s life there came two male characters which changed their life.

Shubhavivaha story had two heroes in the main roles, and they characters were Suresh, who was a lecturer and Rockstar Bhuvan, who want to be famous in the music field. Both sisters will marry these two boys only but how they met and how they marry and after marriage what happens forms the crux of the story. These two sisters were daughters of Janakamma who owned a wedding hall named as “Shubhavivaha”. Director Aroor Jagadish had done marvelous work on this show. In this serial Shradha is the inspiration for audiences, how she tackles her life and how much love and trust he relies upon Bhuvan.

This serial resembles with the Bollywood movie named as “ Ramaiya Vastavaiya”. It also featured some ancient traditional folk sport “Kalsaru Kambala Festival”. Bhuvan was known to be had a bad past which made him hard and heartless. Shradha love reformed Bhuvan and made him changed totally. In this show, all characters are energetic, humorous and had done excellent work for entertaining the audiences. Two love birds that is, Shradha and Bhuvan, had been one of the famous Jodi of this show and gave moral that when in a relation there is trust and love then all hurdles can be passed very easily.