Kannada Tv Serial Sangharsha

Sangharsha Kannada TV SERIALS on Star Suvarna

Sangharsha is an Indian television serial. The show belongs to the popular genre of social drama. A social drama is a unique genre of storytelling in which the story always has a social commentary to make about the kind of society we live in. These stories are always set in the real world and deals with real issues. The social drama has always been a powerful way for a creator to tell viewers about the various issues that prevail in society. Sangharsha does exactly that with its powerful story and characters. The story is set in a village in Karnataka. It isn’t a small village and has a good number of population. There is a woman named Bhaira Devi, who rules over the village. She is a fierce woman who has a whole gang working for her. Her gang is very dangerous and consists of powerful men. This is the reason why no one in the village is against her and obeys her. The villagers do what she tells them to do.

One day she decides to close down the local school. The condition of the school is in shackles and instead of helping to make the school more efficient, Bhaira Devi orders the school to be close down. She has other plans for the area the school covers. But an honest IAS officer named, Indira, stands against her decision and refuses to let the school closed down. She comes from an honest family and therefore knows the responsibility that comes with the title of IAS officer. Therefore she is ready to go all out to protect the village and villagers from Bhaira Devi’s anarchic rule. The rest of the plot follows the rivalry between evil and good. The show has a stellar cast with Tejaswini Shekhar and Vanitha Vasu playing the leads in the show. The show was released on the popular Kannada channel, Star Suvarna, and had a total of 81 episodes. The show was very popular among the Kannada speaking locals who loved the show for its local flavors. The show had a great run on television and has now been bought by the OTT giant, Disney+Hotstar.