Kannada Tv Serial Manthana

Manthana Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada
Manthana is one of the greatest serials in the history of Kannada television. It was telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Friday. It was started on 4th March’2007 and was being telecasted at 10pm. It became so popular that the timing has to be changed to prime time at 8:30pm from 26th November’2007. This show ended on 4th April’2008. 
Manthana serial is directed by S.N.Sethuram. He has acted in the famous serials directed by T.N.Seetharam like Manvanthara, Maya Mruga and Muktha. He is a retired commerce officer. Raju Ananthaswamy has given background score of this series and he and M.D.Pallavi has sung it. Lakshmi Chandrashekar has acted in the mother character. Sudha Belwadi, Nandini Gouda, Narahari etc have acted in the other roles. Sethuram has acted in the role of Mestre in this serial.
Manthana is a very popular Kannada serial. It is about the difficulties and challenges that are faced by social classes and individuals if they try to be thoughtful and straight forward in their actions.                                                                                          
Three main characters are there in this serial. They are- a mother and two of her daughters (one of them being her own daughter and the other being a step one but groomed up without any difference). The mother character is a self-respecting and tough one who takes the responsibility of being the second wife. Her elder daughter who is a gold medalist in her academics and still deeply rooted by the values of the family represents the character of a typical   home-maker. Her younger daughter who has run away from the family and married the person she loves is an IAS officer.  The clashes of these main characters’ ideologies and their related ones form the main plot of this story.
Sethuram has properly used the power of Kannada language and its effect is reflected in each and every dialogue. This serial is well received by the audience for the usage of genuine Kannada in a powerful and versatile manner.