Kannada Tv Serial CID Karnataka

CID Karnataka Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

CID Karnataka is an investigative crime show which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekend from Saturday to Sunday in the time slot of 10:00 AM. The program got premiered on Indian television screens on 21st December 2013. The show got created for a short duration of twenty-six episodes. The show is lent a unique air by featuring various celebrities in each of its episodes. The series got directed by Kalagangotri Manju, who has made a space for himself in the Kannada television industry by directing a number of social television serials.

This is his maiden foray into investigative crime based shows. CID Karnataka is heavily influenced by the original series which got aired initially in the Hindi language on Sony TV. It is thus an investigative program which consists of hardcore police stories that deal with the investigation of crime, its subsequent detective word, and the suspense involved. The stories which get shown are quite plausible, with an emphasis placed on dramatic plotting as well as highlighting technical complexities which get faced by police. In every stage of their investigation, the plot gives us an intriguing twist which keeps us glued to our seats and the officers at the ready as they try and track criminals. They do all of this by means of some of the smallest clues.

The series takes up an emotional angle to the unsolved cases wherein the family members of the different victims get forced to relive and remember the details of the haunting past along with the severe agony of having lost their beloved without getting any kind of justice. The CID team undertakes the uphill work of going through multiple layers of time which have covered up the clues and try and reach the very core of these crimes and why they got committed. The show went on air in a biweekly manner. It approaches the investigative fiction genre with a pinch of reality and proves to be an excellent viewing on weekdays for the entire family.

We also get to see the visual recreation of all the crimes as the various layers of the mystery continuously keep opening up over the course of the investigation. CID is ultimately about teamwork from a bunch of dedicated police officers who all specialize in the solving of dormant as well as unsolved cases by using a mixture of different modern technologies and investigative wisdom.