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Kannada Tv Serial Arundhati

Arundhati Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Arundhati is a supernatural show which gets aired on Colors Kannada and deals with the topic of reincarnation. It is a Kannada language series which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday in the 10:00 to 10:30 PM time slot. It the story of re-birth of Arundhati. The renowned director Thrishool H G has taken up the direction of the show. The acclaimed writer Pruthvi is responsible for penning this saga which spans lifetimes. It has been very well received by the viewers and critics applauding the story as well as the fantastic acting skills of the lead characters in the series.

The story of the program revolves around the lives of Shekar and Nandini. As the show opens, we get introduced to Shekar, who is a professional painter. He is the sole child of the couple of Vishwanath and Meenakshi. They are both very well to do and live in comfort. Vishwanath has been able to prosper in life and established himself successfully in life. The couple feels that their son has come of age and should settle down. They hence try to get him married and settled with his own family.

However, no matter which girl they try to get him engaged to, none of them manages to impress Shekar. He just doesn’t feel connected to them at all and keeps rejecting the proposals. His parents continue to find girls for him but start getting exasperated. Shekar’s marriage is becoming a herculean task to take care of. Then one day when he asleep, he gets a vision. He sees a beautiful girl and knows that she is the one he has been looking for. She is the woman he gets destined to spend his life with. His thoughts couldn’t be more accurate.

For the girl, he is having visions of is Nandini. She is a real woman and not just a figment of his imagination. Nandini, however, gets entangled in a journey which spans across lifetimes. She had walked this earth before and used to get called Arundhati in her previous life. She got married to Shekar in that life too but as he got known then, Anand. They lived in the idyllic town of Durgapura. The story follows the story of these two lovers across these two lives. Their journey of separation and togetherness. The fan favoriteShwethaChengappa plays the lead role of Nandini/Arundhati in this series.