Kannada Tv Serial Anupama

Anupama Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Anupama in the English language means ‘incomparable’ or ‘excellent.’ The excellence this serial is showing is of women. This serial is about the injustices of women in different cases. Rape, domestic abuse, stalking, eve-teasing, verbal abuse, or any other kind of injustice should not be tolerated by women. Broadcast on the Zee Kannada channel, the main lead character of this serial is a policewoman, who is the head of her department. In this serial, it is shown how she manages her professional and personal life flawlessly. Her personal life includes her family. She has her father and a sister in her family. Her father is not so happy with her work and is often seen pushing her to get married and become the perfect version of women which he thinks is true. At the starting of the serial, she is shown giving an interview on national television for the safety of women and how they can contact her during any difficult situation.

The policewoman is handling different cases. In this serial different situations are shown as to how and when women are disrespected. Our policewoman solves them effortlessly. As one of the cases shows an ultra-modern daughter in law who does not do anything but orders her mother in law to work. Her son also says nothing but in the end, he ends up almost divorcing her. Another case includes a woman whose husband is abusive verbally which makes her think that it is okay to be treated like this because other husbands are much worse than this.

Women are made to think that they deserve to be treated like this. In this serial, the policewomen educate women not to be victimized and fight for their own rights. In some cases, a single woman might be wrong as in the case of the daughter in law. The policewoman is just and rational. She treats her cases with great patience and trust. She gives justice to everyone. This serial depicts feminism and girl power. This serial tells us not to teach women what not to do in front of people, rather teach men how to treat women with respect; because educating the men would make much more of a difference.