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Rathasapthmi Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv
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Rathasapthami, which is a hit, popular and, one of the most watched TV shows is telecast by a successful, loved and, popular TV channel which is Udaya TV. This is a Kannada language TV drama. Rathasapthami is a daily TV soap opera. The story of the TV serial includes an Indian family having a popular name in the corporate industry.\

The main cast of the serial involves Vishwas and, Jayashree Raj Jaya Shree Raj is the cherubic actress, who came i >> Read More... . The female protagonist of the TV show is married and, she is not treated well by her in-laws. Her husband’s family, one day, leaves her alone to die. This infuriates her and, she decides to teach all of them a lesson. She enters the house of her in-laws again in disguise. And, she starts her plan of teaching them the right lesson. She manages to do the same. But, she gets unlucky when her husband, one day, loses his memory. He doesn’t recognize anyone, any incident or anything at all.

 Things get worse when again the in-laws of the female protagonist throw her out of the house. But, on that same day, her husband is also out of the house which makes the things clear in front of him. Also, he regains his memory power and, recovers from his mental illness. Things start to get better among the family. But, the story has more ups and downs. Rather than moving towards a happy ending moment the show takes turn towards something more problematic. Her husband’s relatives have come and, they have created a lot of plans and have plotted many plans to usurp their property.

The family gets back together to save their corporate business, property and, each other. The story of friendship, love and, deceit received a huge amount of love and appreciation from the viewers.

The TV show made to the TV at 5.30 PM to 6.00 PM for thirty minutes on the weekdays (Monday to Friday). The story of the TV show brought newness, freshness and, uniqueness with its plot on the Udaya TV screens. The actors of this TV daily soap received a huge amount of appreciation and love. The TV show has got its nominated for various popular awards in various big ceremonies.

This has been one of the best, most popular and, hit TV show for the Udaya TV. The TV show put the importance of a lot of values and relationships through its stories, be it; the value of woman’s self-respect, the value of the relationship between a husband and a wife and, the most important is the value of the family and belongingness.



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Vijay Suriya
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