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Akka Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Akka is being telecast on TV at from Monday to Friday. Siblings, wherever they may have an attachment towards each other. Mostly if the siblings are twins then there is more attachment. Akka is a story of twin sisters, Devika and Bhoomika, who did not know for a long time that they were sisters. They had got separated during their birth due to circumstances. After they grow up into young women, after facing many situations in life, fate brings them together. Their life after that is more problematic and complicated. How they cope up with their problems is the story of this serial. Devika is married to Sanjay, who is a drunkard and male chauvinist. He does not care what his wife thinks about him.

He only cares about his own happiness. Devika falls sick and gets psychological problems. At such a time, her sister, Bhoomika takes care of her. Bhoomika loves her sister a lot and is ready to give any sacrifice for her. She acts as Devika for some time. She puts her effort into making her sister’s life better for her. During this time, Sanjay thinks that Bhoomika is Devika only and treats her as his wife. Bhoomika, with her true efforts, becomes successful in converting Sanjay into a good human being. She makes him leave alcohol and shows him the true meaning of life. All this happens with Sanjay thinking that it was his wife. He did not know that she was unwell. Here Bhoomika, is in love with another boy.

His family has completely accepted Bhoomika as their daughter in law. She acts as if she is in coma, for the sake of her sister. Her marriage is stalled because of this. After everything becomes alright, the two sisters are married. Devika gets married to Sanjay and Bhoomika gets married to Krupakara. On the first night of these two sisters, Devika, though she has remarried her husband traditionally, misunderstands Bhoomika and thinks that she has used her husband. She thinks that Bhoomika has taken her place completely. When Sanjay thanks her for changing his life she gets worried. After some time, she feels sick. Then she searches for her medicine she can’t find it. Sanjay gets upset at this.

Bhoomika also has her first night with her husband Krupakara. She is happy for her life but is worried about her sister. She thinks that Devika must have taken her medicines on time. Here Krupakara talks very sweetly to his new wife. But she does not know that he has mixed poison in the milk. Krupakara himself drinks the milk and makes Bhoomika also to drink it. The future episodes reveal more secrets of Devika and Bhoomika.