Hindi Tv Show Krishan Kanhaiya

Krishan Kanhaiya Hindi TV SHOWS on SAB TV

We have seen people befriending Gods and Demons in many films, however, this time, SAB TV has applied the same concept in its another fun filled show dubbed Krishna Kanhaiya. Produced by Garima Productions, the show features actors like 'Sudhir Pandey', 'Nikhil Ratnaparkhi', 'Shubhangi Gokhale', 'Siddharth Arora' and 'Jasveer Kaur'.

The story line of the show resembles 'Akshay Kumar' starrer “Oh My God”, which chronicles the life of Kanhaiya Lal (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) who is in contact with the modern day Krishna (Siddharth Arora).

Kanhaiya Lal, a middle-class atheist Hindu is married to Guddi (Jasveer Kaur) and owns a canteen. He has two children: a boy (Sanjay Chaudhary) and a girl. One day, Guddi tells Kanhaiya Lal about their daughter’s intents of studying engineering and for that they need to muster a hefty amount for the admission.

Due to the dearth of money, Kanhaiya got upset and failed to arrange the sum of money before the submission date. Being a non-believer of God, Kanhaiya decides to steal the required cash from donation box of the temple where he visits regularly. He shrewdly convinced himself that the box is mere a God’s bank where his family deposits money.

After stealing money from the box, he runs to home. The moment he reaches home, he sees the mirage of Lord Krishna in his father (Sudhir Pandey). On being enquired by the father about why he got late today, he replied in a baffled tone that he had gone to his friend’s abode to get money.

Moments later his phone rings up and it displays personal number, and the caller had asked Kanhaiya to meet him. Kanhaiya got perplexed when he came to know that the caller is none other than, Lord Krishna himself. Although, Kanhaiya refuses to believe when he found that no one else could see the almighty except him, God convinced him of being Lord Krishna.

God asked Kanhaiya to return his money, on the contrary, he vehemently denied it, and so the God plunge him in circumstances which made his family believe that he has gone crazy. The thing that makes this show different from others is  the tricks that God plays with Kanhaiya Lal. Moreover, the way both of them handle every difficult circumstance is what that will leave the viewers excited and entertained.

Besides all these, Shubhangi’s confusion mode and Jasveer’s funny comments and one liners act like a cherry on the cake.

Beyond the daily soap league on Indian Television, Krishan Kanhaiya is a mythological comedy serial and is fun to watch with your family.