Hindi Tv Show Khelo Gaao Jeeto

Khelo Gaao Jeeto Hindi tv-shows on DOORDARSHAN

‘Khelo Gaao Jeeto’ was a musical program for youth. Actor Sachin Pilgaonkar hosted it. Sachin also had sung Hindi film songs from different movies. There was a quiz at the end of the show, and the winner was given a prize. The show would begin in a musical round (musical chair style) where a song would be played, and the contestants had to take a seat before the tune ends.

One who gets to stand near the mike would begin a song. The first round of the program was ‘Taaza Dhun’ where a musical tune would be played, and the contestant had to identify the tune and identify the song and start singing within allotted seconds. Sumeet Kumar presented the music for the show. Rahul B. Seth provided the lyrics and actor Sachin has sung the title and other songs.

Dongreji For had performed the online editing in the show. Santosh Maithani was the editor of the musical program. Vinay Bhatia was the executive producer, and Santosh Ghodekar was the art director. Naresh Malhotra and Namit Malhotra was the producer, and Gyan Sahay was the director of the program. The show was conceived and crafted by Prime Focus Ltd.