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Hindi Tv Show Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Hera Pheri is a comedy based TV show which came on the channel Star Plus. The series is a Hindi language one that came on every week between Monday and Friday. It premiered on Indian television screens in the year of 1999. The program revolves around the life of a loving couple who get riddled with debt. They one day find out that the husband can inherit a large sum of money if he claims the same with his younger brother, but if he can’t his younger brother gets everything. This gets difficult because his brother has now been missing for several years.

As the series kicks off, we get introduced to Ajay Premi, who got played by the versatile ShekharSuman. He is a very cunning man and has made quite a few shady deals over the years. He lives with his wife RashmiPremi, who got played by RakhiTandon. The couple has put their money into a bad deal and is now heavily in debt. They are just about out of luck and don’t know what to do next.

One day Ajay gets a message from a man called Batterywala. He is a lawyer by profession, and the role gets played by none other than Asrani himself. He informs Ajay that his elder brother Vijay Premi had met with an accident and as a result of the injuries met his early demise. He had come to dispense with the will Vijay had left behind. It stated that all his money and properties were to be equally split up between Ajay and his younger brother Sanjay Premi, who got played by Rohit Roy Born on 5th April, 1968, Rohit Roy is an extremely >> Read More... . Sanjay, however, has been missing for many years now, and no one is sure about where and how they can reach him. The condition though has a small catch.

Vijay was more than well aware of Ajay cunning and notorious nature and hence to make sure that Sanjay gets his fair share, he put a clause in his will. His belongings will get shared only if both the younger brothers together stake their claim. If they don’t do this, then Ajay will get nothing, and everything will get transferred to the younger Sanjay.

Ajay and Rashmi attempt to locate Sanjay now and try every trick in the book to make sure they don’t lose the money coming to them. What ensues is an endless barrage of comedy where Ajay keeps landing into trouble and attempts to get out of each sticky mess using some weird trick or the other.