Manisha Purohit is an Indian television actress. With her cunning looks, Manisha is apt for evil roles. So she fits into the box of an antagonist. Owing to these characteristics, Manisha got the opportunity to enter the industry.

She began her television industry in 2008. “ Hamari Devrani Hamari Devrani is a prominent Indian drama televis >> Read More... Hamari Devrani ” is an Indian soap opera which aired on Star Plus. Manisha played the role of Jalpa Ketan Nanavati. The show is about Bhakti who is a poor girl living in a small village of Gujarat. She is considered unlucky because her mother after giving birth to her. She and her maternal grandmother move to Ahmedabad, Gujarat where her father, Hasmukk is. In Ahmedabad, there is a rich family known as the Nanavatis. The family has six sons and five daughter-in-laws. The five daughter-in-laws of the family Manjula, Parul, Alpa, Japla and Rajeshwari want Mohan, the youngest son to marry the person who will act as a puppet to them and not wish anything from the family property. Thus their devilish intentions are brought to the forefront.
Manisha Purohit has done an excellent work in portraying Jalpa, one of the daughter-in-laws. The credibility she brings to the role is commendable.

She is also seen in Khelti Hai Zindagi Ankh Micholi which is a story revolving around the life of an adolescent girl named Ami. A great way to go!