Hindi Tv Show Bring On The Night

Bring On The Night Hindi tv-shows on M TV

As the sun sets, something brilliant will happen. Bring On The Night is a bilingual Indian mini TV series. This show was premiered on MTV and was produced by ‘Eristoff Music CD’s’. This story is about a group of 4 friends who together create a place where at night, the place comes to live. The show was first aired on 22 September 2012 on MTV India, starting Arjun Mathur, Patrick Graham, Sarang Sathaye and Hussain Dalal.

This miniseries is conceptualised, written and directed by Mr Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, and any additional dialogues were written by Mr Rohan Joshi, Mr Tanmay Bhat, Mr Ashish Shakya and Mr Omkar Sane. This show revolves around late 20-years old men. Kabir ‘KD” Dalal who is an entrepreneur and his friends convert a 200-year old Mumbai heritage building into an all night disco. The cast of the show are: Arjun Mathuras Kabir "KD" Dalal, Patrick Graham essays the role of Patrick Graham Fairbottom, Hussain Dalal plays the character of Devang Oza, Sarang Sathaye as Maakad, Danesh Irani as the character of Darius Dorabjee, Afshad Kelawala in the character of Xerxes Mistry, along with Kashyap Kapoor who plays the character of Hoshang Mistry, Dilkhush Reporter as the character of Sheila Sethi, Geetika Tyagi essays the role of Piyali Chaudhry.

Along with the main cast the viewer’s et to see many recurring casts as well. This show moves around Kabir ‘KD’ Dalal and his diverse set of friends; Patrick Graham Fairbottom, Devang Oza, and Maakad. Along with Patrick's ex-girlfriend Sheila Sethi and her friend Piyali Chaudhry, the Mistry brothers; the uptight Xerxes Mistry and the dim-witted Hoshang Mistry and their best friend Darius Dorabjee, they group converts a rickety 200-year building into an all- night discotheque. Kabir is a manager at a hotshot club. However, because an unintentional mishap caused by Makkad, where he supplied impure water in the club which resulted in a death of one of the regular customers and hundreds of people sick. Thus the club was shut down. When Kabir comes to know about Makkad’s mistake, their relationship turns sour, and Kabir shuts himself into solitary confinement.

After weeks of being alone in his self-imposed asylum, Kabir returns and accompanies his friends to a party at an abandoned building which is owned by Mistry brothers father. Kabir falls in love with the vibe of the place and decides to convert it into a hangout place which runs all night. His friends too agree and chip in to buy the place. After weeks of hard work, the club is christened and ‘The Den’ becomes Mumbai’s best hangout place. Due to its increasing popularity, it catches the eye of Ravi Jhawle who is a gangster/politician.

After a verbal fight between Kabir and Ravi, Ravi shuts the club down and sends Kabir to prison. However, Sir Malcolm Mistry who is an influential aristocrat and also the father of the Mistry brothers, help Kabir out of jail. The show ends by showing the viewers how the group brings down Ravi’s political career and restarts their party once again. The show consisted of 10 episode from 22nd September to 24th November 2012.