Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai


The show is from Bindu Productions and, the first show was aired on 19th March 2018. The show airs on SET India. The lead roles are played by Namit Khanna and, Palak Jain. The serial has received appreciation from critics for its crisp story. The plot is about two young hearts, Anushka Reddy and, Siddhany Sinha.

Anushka is the daughter of KK Reddy who is an industrialist. Siddhant is the son of a lawyer, Prabhakar Sinha who was the right hand, of KK and, helped him in his legal and, personal issues. This is why Anushka and, Siddhant were friends but broke up seven years ago due to some misunderstandings. Siddhant was now a budding lawyer and, joins his father in the Reddy’s company whereas Anushka did her degree and, is the new head of the HR department of that company.

There comes an incident where Reddy’s rival company’s head, Sumit Goyal accused KK of fraud, but Prabhakar made him come clean. Prabhakar still had a feeling that KK had something to do with the fraud, but dies vaguely. Siddhant was filled with anger and, later finds out that KK had something to do with his father’s death.

Meanwhile, Anushka was falling for Siddhant but did not want to accept this fact, so she says yes to get engaged to Vedant. On her engagement day, Siddhant confesses his love for her and, they both get engaged. The story is about how Siddhant keeps his love and, takes revenge for his father.