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Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan is a family drama that has comedy built into it. It can be classified under the comedy sitcom genre. It is also known as Teen Nadaniyon Ki Kahani. It is a Hindi language show catering to the Hindi speaking crowd. It is a remake of the Pakistani sitcom of the same name Nadaniyaan. The television show is presented on BIG Magic television who are also the creators of this show. Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan is produced by Dheeraj Kumar. Creative Eye Limited develops it. Aditya S. Sharma writes this television show and directed by Bhupesh K. Kumar.

The creative directors for Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan are Shashank Srivastava and Paritosh Painter. The casting directors for this television show are Parag Chadha and Muztazibullah Shaikh. The number of seasons for this television show till date are five and Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan has over 155 episodes running. The story revolves around a family of four who live in New Delhi. It is their daily life mishaps that form the comic base of the story. It is their conversations and their witty banter that keeps the audience laughing throughout.

The story has a few main characters. Chandini, also known as Chandu, is the mother of the Verma family. She works as a clerk and acts like the boss of all in the family. She can be known as the virtuous mother who scolds everyone for their laziness and slow approach to life. Chandini has been played by many actresses before. Samiksha Bhatt, Neetha Shetty and Gunn Kansara are all actors who have played Chandini in the past. Upasana Singh plays Taravanti Verma, the mothers of Pappu and Nandu.

The famous Alok Nath is a deceased character who manages to add humour to the show. He is portrayed as the ideal, cultural “Babuji” and is shown with a picture frame hanging on the walls of the house. Jay Pathak plays the role of “Nandu” also known as Naman Varma. He plays the loving, doting husband of Chandini and the loving elder brother of Pappu. Gaurav Sharma plays Pushkar Varma, also known as Pappu. Chandini always scolds Nandu and Pappu for their approach to life.

In the television show, Chandini gets frustrated of having to multitask and work so hard for the family. She seeks a solution from her friend, Tanya, played by Garima Tiwari, who tells her to hire a maid to handle things at home. Things turn crazy when Chandini realises what a big mistake it was to hire the maid.

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‘Uff! Yeh Nadaaniyan' belongs to a comedy/situational comedy genre wherein the viewers will enjoy the spice of life backed with great comedy. This show has powerful performances by the proven talent of renowned artists.

‘Uff! Yeh Nadaaniyan’ is directed by Mr. Bhupesh K. Kumar, and the script was written by Mr. Yashwant Mahilwar. The show was produced by Mr. Dheeraj Kumar, who is also the creative director of the show.

An interesting point is that the whole show was directed within Delhi.

The show was presented by Big Magic and appeared to handle success on popularity charts in no time. The show was released on 9th September 2013, in which the show completed 5seasons with more than 400 episodes. The last episode was telecasted on 23rd January 2017.

The story is about the family of four Vermas that lives together in New Delhi.

The main starring actors in the show are Samiksha Bhatt, Upasana Singh, Alok Nath, Gaurav Sharma, Jay Pathak, and Bhagwan Arabbi Nithyanandam Ramachandra.

The most interesting role is of Jay Pathak, as Naman Verma (Nandu). He is a full-time house husband who is always mocked by his wife for his laziness and unemployment. Gaurav Sharma, as Pushkar Verma (Pappu), is known as Chota don in his family and locality and is the youngest member of the Verma family who always keeps on flirting with young girls and wear fake designer clothes to impress them. The role of Nandu and Pappu’s mother, named Taranvati is done by Upasana Singh. Samiksha Bhatt, as Chandani Verma (Chandu), did the role of matriarch of the Verma family. The role of 'Babuji' was done by Alok Nath, the deceased father of Nandu and Pappu, who is always portrayed as a ‘sanskari babuji’. Bhagwaan Arabbi Nithyanandam Ramachandra is called Bhagwaan uncle in the serial and is known as a troublesome neighbor always seen wandering in Nandu’s lawn. He has 2 wives. He is a gone case, and talking to him is like putting axe on his own feet.

It is a great family drama-comedy with a new turn in every episode. The episodes’ stories are totally unpredictable, which can be enjoyed with the family.

Another Version Of This Series

“Nadaniyaan – Teen Nadanon Ki Kahani” is a Hindi soap opera in the comedy genre. It airs on ‘Big Magic’. The show is produced by ‘Dheeraj Kumar’. The writer of the show is ‘Aditya Sinha’ and is directed alongside by ‘Bhupesh K Kumar’ and developed by ‘Shashank Srivastava’ and ‘Paritosh Painter’ of the ‘Creative eye limited’. The star cast of the show: ‘Samiksha Bhatt’, ‘Upasana Singh’, ‘Alok Nath’, ‘Jay Pathak’, ‘Gaurav Sharma’ and ‘Neelam Silvia’. There has been a total of 5 seasons produced till now and around 155 episodes aired on television. The serial is mostly shot in Delhi . The editors of the show are ‘Lalit Tiwari’ and ‘Rohit Singh’ and the show runs for approximately 23 minutes The whole story revolves around a family of three living in Delhi. ‘Samiksha Bhatt’ aka ‘Chandu’ is the head of the family who works to run the ‘Verma family’ .

She is after the life of ‘Pappu’ and ‘Nandu’ so that they improve their ‘’easy to go ‘’ attitude and become little more fruitful towards their life. ‘Upasana Singh’ aka ‘Taravanti Verma’ is the mother of the Verma brothers. ‘Alok Nath’ has been portrayed as the very famous 'babuji' as he had been playing his roles in the past of his career graph. He is the deceased father whose portrait is hung on the walls. The painting is often talked about by ‘Pappu’ to blackmail Nandu emotionally . The' Babuji' joke had become quite famous and that's why it is included in the storyline as a comic punch accompanied by the veteran Alok Nath himself. ‘Jay Pathak’ as ‘Naman Verma’ aka ‘Nandu’ is a full-time house occupying husband.

He loves his wife ‘Chandni’ and his younger brother ‘Pushkar’ aka ‘Pappu’. Unfortunately, he has become one of the targets of unemployment to his wife’s disgrace. ‘Gaurav Sharma’ aka ‘Pappu’ or ‘Pushkar Verma’ is the youngest in the Verma family. He flirts around with girls and wears fake designer garments to lure them and showcase his bhabhi’s wealth. Other characters supporting the sitcom are: ‘Garima Verma’ as ‘Tanya’ - Chandu's friend. ‘Raja ramchandran’ as ‘Bhagwan uncle’ is in the character of a neighbor who is always troubling the family. He has two wives and claims to have seven fathers. ‘Pappu’ feels that talking to him is doing torture to oneself. ‘Poonam Pandey’ as ‘Jalebi bai’, and ‘Asha Negi’ as herself are also seen performing time to time in the serial. There are many other characters and their life stories along which the main character’s stories revolve and rotate.