Garima Tiwari is a Indian television actress who is famous for her role in the television show Phulwa Phulwa is an Indian television show. The whole ser >> Read More... Phulwa . She has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication but later found that her passion and interest laid on films and entertainment industry. After completing her studies, she later came down to Mumbai for getting her chance to appear in some Television show. She then learned about the interfaces of production and then later took up acting and portrayed her skill in the Television serials like ‘Phulva’ and ‘ Bhagyavidhata Click to look into! >> Read More... Bhagyavidhata ’.
Her talent was quick to be noted and she got plenty of chances to anchor and host in many TV shows and programs. Her current television serials that are being aired on television includes ‘ Beta Hi Chahiye Beta Hi Chahiye was a drama series which was broad >> Read More... Beta Hi Chahiye ’ on Big Magic channel and ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ on Star Plus. She portrays a girl named Saroja who is coming from rural background, well educated and with strong mind set wanting to change the views of the narrow minded people who thinks a child is useless and worthless. This charechter is one of her performances that is critically acclaimed and most popular.
In her career she has faced many ups and downs, many rejections and her career graph has always been unsteady and unstable. Once she was shooting for two television serials at once which includes ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ and ‘Phulwa’. However she was later replaced by another actor from the television serial ‘Phulwa’ without any prior notice or warnings. The reason is neither known to the audience of the television serial nor the actor herself. The actor later said that this incident really demotivated and discouraged her and the television serial officials did not even show her the courtesy of explaining the reason of the dismissal.