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Hindi Tv Serial Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai

Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Tu mere agal bagal hai or TMABH for short is an Indian comedy series which is based on Fictional Comedy. The show mainly focuses on standup comedy. The show is very innovative and the team members and unit members of the show have dramatised it picture perfectly. They have done a great work in making the show an innovative comedy show. The show is a family comedy involving the owner and tenants of a Bungalow. The show has a unique concept. Till now it has created a great impression on the minds of people. Some people stated it as the best remedy for an unhappy man. Some people have also stated that they don’t watch it lying on the bed as they fear they might fall. Thus the audience has accepted the show very well and they love watching the show. They love watching the standup comedy though it is based on fiction.

Sab TV has always provided unique fiction shows. This show is another evidence of Sab TV’s unique fiction. The show involves audience available on the sets too who makes the show more humorous. Sab TV has done a great business in the fiction category. They don’t make common serials rather most of their shows are based on fiction. This show is a great show for the gloomy people and it gives them a chance to laugh.

The show exploits the funny things which regularly happen in the families of the owner and tenants. The show explores the comedy very well. The owners are a couple who lives with their tenants as an extended family. The show is basically a comedy show which is formatted as standup comedy. The show involves the live audience and hence it is a new kind of show.

The show focuses on Laal Singh. He is a man who has not achieved success till now and hence he has a house filled with the tenants. He has no source of income as he is unemployed and unsuccessful and thus he has to manage himself with the rent he gets from the tenants. His wife is named Kesari. Kesari talks too much and she is also a fighter who fights for Justice for women. Laal Singh’s father has instilled good values in his son and he loves his children. He loves the tenants and Ganga Mausi too. Among the tenants, there is Pilavakandi who is an actress and she has a secret husband who is named Pillu. Pilavakandi kept her husband in her closet as her top secret. She doesn’t disclose it to anyone as she fears she will not get good roles if everybody comes to know that she is married. Another tenant is named Khakhra who has a business of Food and lives there with his wife named Khandvi. Sometimes her mother Basundi visits them. And the only pair remaining is Anu and Hamas who are very bad singers. They also reside with them. The guard of the house is Sher Singh and the maid is named Varsha Victoria Bai. The show goes on with these people having their daily problems.

All the characters in the show are very funny and everybody of them poses quirks that can make people laugh. The show has promised the audience that they will laugh every minute while watching the show.

The show doesn’t have a specific concept rather it is a standup comedy and everyday, it features a new comedy process with their daily problems. The current story shows that Laal wants to be an actor but his father has warned him not to break his values. And the tenants also want to participate in the film where Laal wants to act. They rather end up with doing nothing as the Director understood that they are not capable. The story has no specific concept and routine rather it is a standup comedy show involving the live audience and the show involves the owner and the tenants who have their problems every day. The show focuses on a comedy, not on a particular concept.

Rajesh Kumar plays his role as Laal, Shweta Gulati as his wife, Ami Trivedi as Khanvi, Samir shah as Khakhra and Sugandha Mishra as Pilavakandi.

The show was premiered on July 7, 2014. The show is currently running successfully. The show airs from Monday to Friday at 1030 PM IST. The show is broadcasted by Sab TV.