Hindi Tv Serial Time Machine

Time Machine Hindi TV SERIALS on Epic Channel

This short series is an action-packed adventure portray about a band of four extraordinary persons who travel back in time to get missions accomplished. Kartik Devraj is a young genius scientist who tracks down four unique individuals for a operation which he wants to accomplish. Roshni- the innovative hacker, the thief mastermind Adheer and the angry gang-lord Dev. He wants them to be his accomplices and accompany him on a journey through time to track down treasures and artifacts that were lost back in time through the pages of history.

The three of them start on their unique journey through time with KD. But they are unaware of the real purpose of the mission. Stooges in a larger plot, this show takes us on a fantasy ride through the various eras of Indian History packed with great action and adventure.

As the season progresses, the objective behind the real mission starts to reveal. But will they be able to run against time to get the mission completed? Time travel is a fascination to many, to understand its complicated intricacies and to delve deeper into its mysteries. Though not possible to bring out the full details but then also its a valiant effort on the part of the person who created the show. This show brings to us a full on family entertainer packed with the right amount of mystery, adventure, and action. This mini-series takes the standard of Indian television viewing to a new milestone.

KD, as played by Manish Wadhwa Manish Wadhwa is an Indian Film and television act >> Read More... along with his gang, is sure to take your breath away as they embark on their colourful journey through the pages of history trying to retrieve lost treasures. The show will air 13 episodes which are filled with twist and turns at every corner of the series.

Time Machine delivers up to the expectation fo the young audience of our generation. But this series can’t be totally relied upon to increase your knowledge bag. It’s a scientific fiction so a concoction of science and fantasy has been presented remarkably. The depictions of the incidents are enough to keep you hooked. It also shows the subtle human emotions and brain complexities. It also shows that if a has the capability to receive then he can be changed to a better person for good. Throughout the series, the four of them in the process getting each other’s back ends up discovering each other for the better.