Hindi Tv Serial Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the Year

Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the Year Hindi Tv serials on Channel v
Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year was a drama serial. This serial ran from March 2012 through November 2013. This television series was telecasted by Channel [V]. This show was telecasted during the weekdays from 530 pm Indian Standard Time. Again, it will be showed at 830 pm Indian Standard Time.

The first season of Suvreen Guggal was shown as a tale of youngsters who are pursuing their education at Devendra Pratap Singh College. The plot was humorous. This season showed how the girl lead transforms into Fashion Designer after facing several difficulties.

In the season two, she would leave her home and struggle for finding a place in fashion industry. The whole plot would explain how she is able to solve her own problems and how well she could maintain a balance with work and home.

The final part of the plot shows that Suvreen is opening her boutique and ends with accepting the marriage proposal from her boy friend.

Written part for this series contributed by Deepali Junjappa and Faizal Akhtar. The direction part of this serial was done by Ravi Bhushan. This series was produced by 4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Pictures. The role of Suvreen Guggal was done by ‘ Smriti Kalra’. The role of Suvreen’s boyfriend was played by ‘ Shivin Narang’. He adopted the character name of ‘ Yuvraj Singh’.

The other characters like Alisha Deewan also acquired a strong place in the people’s heart. This role was played by Heli Daruwala. Other actors like Karam Rajpal, Akshay Anand and Mansi Shrivastav also had casted in this series.