Vibhu Raghave

Other names of Vibhu Raghave: Vibhu K Raghave

Vibhu, the handsome hunk, is an Indian Film and Television actor. His mesmerizing looks have attracted girls from all over India, and the craze is unbelievable. His charm is unbeatable, and the amount of fan following he has is unmatched. Vibhu is born on 10th of April, in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . He started his education in Delhi and then moved to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . He is educated in Acting for Film and Television at the New York Film Academy. He has been a consistent television actor for Star Plus and has appeared in many of its daily soaps like Nisha and her cousins in the recent times, etc. Apart from being on the television, Vibhu is a freelance model and has walked for many famous organizations. His confidence and appearance have made him the show stopper of many big fashion walks. He has also been introduced in many films. Rhythm, the movie is his upcoming movie which is to premiere in the month of February. Rhythm, by Vicky Films Pvt Limited, is a movie based on three people, love between the two friends and the one-sided the story of the third.

Vibhu is opposite Rinil Routh Rinil Routh is basically an Indian, born in Hannov >> Read More... Rinil Routh and with Adeel Chaudhury. Vibhu also possesses wanderlust. This desire has taken him to too many places, exploring and learning. He was often seen with friends on outings and parties most of the time. He is calm and composed which adds to the many great qualities this magic man owns. The hunk awaits love to blossom his life. He believes that love is magical, and he is still to experience it. His class is striking, and this will yield him to a long way in his journey to success. Vibhu Raghave stands out in the crowd and is a personage in the making. His passion to prove himself is growing and will help him pave ways to the new dimensions of the feat.