Nissar Parvez is a director and producer from India. He has completed his degree of Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Video Production from St. Xavier’s College. After that, he has done a Diploma in TV and Film Production from the same college. Nissar Parvez is well-known for the shows named “ Shaheen Shaheen is a popular Indian serial aired on the So >> Read More... Shaheen ” and “ Sanjeevani Click to look into! >> Read More... Sanjeevani ” in which he has assisted Gul Khan.

A show named “Geet” which was telecast on Star One, and ran for over 470 episodes. At Indian TV Awards 2010, Nissar Parvez has won best director’s award for this show. A show named “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Do?” was produced by him. Along with this, he has also produced and directed the shows like Humse Hai Life, Suvreen Guggal- Topper of the year, Arjuna, and much more.

As a director, Nissar Parvez makes sure that the graphs and characters are in place. Nissar Parvez is not conscious about maintaining a low profile in front of media. He let his work speak. He believes in actions rather than speaking. Nissar has a particular style in his shows be it Geet, Miley Jab or DMG. Nissar, as a director, set up characters, show, work, and the whole team. Nissar also has a team of directors who are working under him and guides them to the success of the show. Nissar Parvez designs the show, and the people working under him execute it. Although due to time shortage, some things may go wrong, he tries to give his best effort.

When asked about to reduce the errors by reducing the telecast of the show from six days a week, he said that it is the channels decision to decide that. According to Nissar, when one starts working on a show, then you start living the characters and the show. Nissar believes in making the environment of the shot fun loving so that everyone can enjoy and work together. It is a way of getting work done easily and effectively.

Nissar tries to involve in every aspect of the show, but due to some other works of channel meetings and story, some things may get missed. In some of his shows, there are editing errors and mistakes. When asked about it, Nissar said that this is because of they shoot in cut to cut situation, and many times they have to shoot on the same day when the episode is going to be telecasted. That is why there are errors in editing. He also said that nobody is responsible for this, as every department is already stressed with lots of work, so errors are bound to happen.