Shuhaib Embichi is an Indian actor born on February 19, 1985. The actor has done 1 television show on channel V, Suvreen Guggal - Topper of The Year where he played the antagonist’s role.
Suvreen Guggal is an inspiring story of today’s youngster generation studying at Devendra Pratap Singh College (DPSC), a very prestigious college in Delhi. It is a youth campus show that showcases that there's more to this always-online generation than Facebook and IPod with a hint of humor. It states how Suvreen faces difficulties in her career path but still becomes a Fashion Designer as per her dream.
Shuhaib’s character’s name in the show is Aneesh Nayar who is a 24-year-old student at DPSC, pursuing his PHD. He knows that he is good looking and stylish and enjoys feeling powerful. He takes Gyanesh’s side in the show just to defeat Yuvraj (the lead role-played by Shivin Narang).
The actor has also acted in a Malayalam short film named Virgin road, which got quite famous on YouTube. He played the role of Abhi in the short film. This film has received 1,75,000 views on YouTube. The actor is currently doing shoots and commercials for a few brands and categories.

Shwetabh Swarup

Swetabh Swarup is a Hindi TV actor who has worked for channels like DD National, EPIC, Zee Entertainment and NDTV Imagine in the past. Originally from Delhi, he moved to Mumbai to pursue an acting career. He was educated primarily at a prestigious Noida school. However, the actor is an applied science graduate (B.A. Sc. In Zoology) from NowrosjeeWadia College, Pune from where he did his high school studies as well. He started acting in 2010 but got a major break a year later with Zee show "Bhagonwali" as Diamond Pandey, the brother of the leading lady. His one and a half year association with the show gained him limelight. The story produced by Creative labs narrated the contrast between a female who is considered a lucky mascot by the friends and family yet her own life is full of trials and tribulations. Initially, like other members of the Pandey family (son of Raju Pandey), he dislikes his cousin to the core and treats her like a servant. Slowly, he understands the problems faced by the orphan protagonist in the hands of her uncle and aunt. His change of heart is a major turning point in the story line. He is a man of varied interests: dancing, acting, glass painting, theater, and singing. He describes himself as a dedicated and loyal person with a touch of simplicity. His dream is to act in such a manner that words can’t describe. He also loves to act in plays and dramas. His first car is bought through the earnings from Bhagonwali. One of his acting audition for "empower Bollywood" titled Arjun Arjun shows the versatile abilities and camera charm. An avid traveling enthusiast, he has visited places like Las Vegas, South Africa, Germany, Czech Republic, Cambodia, and Budapest. His Facebook page boasts of his adventures from these sojourns. From visiting the "Walk of Fame" to sky diving and sharing a happy time at Marilyn's statue in Tussauds, he tries to experience life in fullest. He is a friend of famous "Pammi aunty" actor Ssumeir S Pasricha with whom he has done portfolio shots. A follower of Brahma Kumaris and Shri Sai Baba, he is a dedicated individual. His peaceful and loving nature attracts him to people. He loves to share positivity all round hence regularly shares DadiJanki and Sister Shivani's discourses. The six-year career of this star commenced with "Bhagonwali" followed by roles in TV shows of national repute. Some of them are: "Anudamini," "Time machine," and "Mahima Shani Dev Ki,".

Shwetabh Swarup Hindi Actor