Faraaz Khan is an Indian film actor, who was usually seen in many famous Bollywood movies during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was born on July 11, 1974 to a small-time actor named Yushuf Khan, best known as Zebisko, who played the role of a bodyguard in the 1977 Bollywood film Amar Akbar Anthony. Faraaz has signed to play the lead role in the 1989 musical romantic film Maine Pyar Kiya, but before the shooting started, the actor, who was supposedly debuted in the film, got seriously ill and so he was replaced by Salman Khan.

Instead, the actor was debuted in Vikram Bhatt’s Bollywood thriller film Fareb in year 1996, where he played the main lead role. This film did an average at the box-office. In 1997, he played a negative role in the mystery film entitled Prithvi, which stars Sunil Shetty and Shilpa Shetty. This was followed by another Bollywood film Mehndi, helmed by Hamid Ali Khan. But Faraaz’ performance did not make any impact to the audience, making him disappear from their memories very quickly.

Faraaz acted in the lead role opposite Rani Mukerji as his wife in the film. In year 1999, he was starred again the S. Subhash’s Dulhan Banoo Mein Teri, opposite Deepti Bhatnagar in the lead role. In year 2001, Faraaz was seen in Vinay Anand-starrer Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya, alongside Pooja Batra, Tabu and Govinda. He also took part in the 2004 film Bazaar: Market of Love, Lust and Desire, followed by Chand Bujh Gaya in the year 2005.

Peeyush Suhaney Hindi Actor

Peeyush Suhaney

Peeyush Suhaney is a Hindi TV actor. He has also worked in Bollywood movies. He was born on August 8th. His hometown is ‘Sagar’ in Madhya Pradesh. He studied at ‘DAVV College’ in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He also went to ‘Dr HS Gaur Sagar University’ in Maharashtra. He graduated from there in the year 1998. He passed out from ‘Mandi School of Drama’ in 2001. He is proficient in three languages. He can speak Hindi, English, and Bundeli. He got married on November 24, 2012. His wife is ‘Shraddha Suhaney’. He has two brothers. Their names are ‘Asheesh Suhaney’ and ‘CM Suhaney’. Peeyush Suhaney is very calm and reserved. He likes to celebrate his birthday with his family. In 2014, his wife made him a cake from gram flour. She also gifted him an Apple iPhone. He is a ritualistic Hindu. He prays to God in mornings. He loves to take his wife out. They enjoy shopping together. He turns his phone off at nights to give time to his family. He wishes to take unique roles. He has been consistently acting on the show “Savdhan India” on ‘Life OK’. He has played a number of positive as well as negative roles in the real crime based show. He loved working with ‘Franklin Picture Company’ and ‘Saregama Productions’. He is a natural actor. He does not want to imitate anybody else to achieve more success. He wishes to remain honest to himself. He joined theater while he was in college. He has played a number of negative roles in TV serials. He is proud to have worked with actors like ‘Arshad Warsi’ and ‘Saurabh Shukla’. He has also worked with ‘Prakash Jha’. He started working in theater in 1999. He has worked with people from various states in India. He has also acted in CID on Sony channel. The episode aired on Sony TV in 2011 giving him his fame. Crime Patrol's episode "Jaydeep Vilani Murder case" gave him a lot of positive reviews. He played the role of the leading antagonist in the episode. ‘Ashutosh Rana’, ‘Govinda’, and ‘Mukesh’ have been his inspirations. He gives credit for his success to ‘Lal Vijay Sahdev’, ‘Feroz Abbas’, and ‘Amit Mishra’. Ashutosh Rana has complimented his acting. His first five years in Mumbai were full of ups and downs. In a few auditions, he had to face humiliation and embarrassment. His passion for acting brought him to Mumbai. After a few successive rejections, he fell into depression. His mentor Sant Daddaji asked him to persevere. He got selected in Mahesh Bhatt's “Murder 2”. He played the role of ‘Tilak’. His first movie was “Farar”. He is playing the role of a villain in Prakash Jha's “Fraud Saiyyan”.


A. Kannan

A Kannan is a skilled actor who put forth amazing acting skills in the old time favorite patriotic Hindi serial “Fauji”. The serial was aired in the Indian subcontinent in the year 1988 and instantly topped the charts. The serial is of a patriotic content and is still a huge part of the Indian television series as it represents the patriotic acts for India done by all the hardworking and dedicated soldiers. The series starred Shahrukh Khan, A Kannan, and many other prominent actors. In this serial, A Kannan plays the role of a soldier, the hero’s (played by Shahrukh Khan) friend. A joyous young commando in training which is full of life, and with the course of time, turns into a tough a powerful soldier who serves for the betterment of his country. This 13 episode serial made a huge break for Kannan. This dedicated actor was able to establish the role of a commando in training and the transformation into an able commando. He had put in a lot of effort, and all this was thankfully paid off when he came to be well appreciated for what he did. This action-packed drama series was directed by R K Kapoor, an eminent director. When A Kannan was handed his role by little did he know how importantly Kannan took his role. He worked hard to give life to the character and mold it into perfection. A Kannan had put a lot of thought and work into his assigned role. Big or small a role, it was Kannan’s will to make it into an extraordinary experience, both for him and for his viewers. The series was a big hit throughout the country, and proved the might of A Kannan as an incredible actor and is a valuable asset to the Indian film/ television industry.

A. Kannan Hindi Actor