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Maniben.com Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Another show on the much loved Gujrati family. Maniben is a very simple woman portrayed by lovely Smriti Irani  who has dominated Indian TV for a very long time & people have shown their love in just-completed Lok Sabha elections & she has become the Honorable Education Minister of India. Maniben.com is a woman’s journey which seeks to discover whether individuality, culture, values can withstand the pressure of an ever-changing competitive world.

A journey from Bhuleshwar to Malabar Hill which brings with it new dreams, new ambitions, and retains hope in humanity. The show revolves around the daily life of a middle-class woman who lives in one of the many chawls in Mumbai with her husband and children. Being in the business of diamonds and with his rising riches, her husband manages to bring him and his family out of the chawl to an up-market area of Mumbai- Mahabar Hills.

Smriti Irani (who plays the role of his wife) although very happy with the recent turn of events, is now faced with an impending dilemma. Balancing her middle class values and inhibitions she has to also portray herself with her neighbors as an equally snobbish and fashionable woman which is typical of the rich society women who live in the area. The series showcases her transformation from a ‘behenji’ to an ultra modern woman which no doubt is filled with a lot of funny incidents. The show is like a cool breeze….!!