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The dream of becoming rich is something which can make us sacrifice almost everything, even our own love. This is the central concept of Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki, wherein the protagonist actress Lakshmi wants to become rich by marrying a rich person, even at the cost of sacrificing her love and giving it away to someone else. The story is also about Lakshmi’s daughter, who in search of her dad’s happiness wants to him to marry again.

Lakshmi, coming from a middle class family, witnessed her mother die because of lack of money. Therefore, Lakshmi wants to become rich and marry Arjun. They both meet, but Arjun hides his identity and introduces himself as Ajay. A chain of events occur and Arjun and Lakshmi fall in love with each other. However, Lakshmi wants to marry Arjun because she wants to have money so she denies marrying Arjun, thinking he is Ajay. Arjun’s grandmother interferes in this situation and introduces Arjun’s friend Ajay as Arjun to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi spends time with Ajay and then realizes that she already loves the real Arjun and cannot marry anyone else for money. The real Arjun and Lakshmi finally announce their engagement and subsequently, Lakshmi finds out that she is marrying the real Arjun. A chain of events lead to Agnihotri family losing their wealth, becoming poor and all the members are supposed to move out of their villa. Lakshmi again becomes poor but then Arjun’s love, Soumya brings a contract for Lakshmi to sell Arjun to her. Lakshmi, after sometime agrees to it and helps save Agnihotri villa from being sold out.

Lakshmi also helps Soumya to get closer to Arjun. Arjun also plays along to make Lakshmi realize her mistake. Lakshmi realizes that what she did was wrong and leaves for London. The story takes a leap of seven years wherein Lakshmi dies after giving birth to Jiyana, who is now seven years old. Jiyana meets Kaanchi, a girl who looks like her mother. She wants Kaanchi and Arjun to marry each other and remain happy.After a lot of trials and tribulations, this happens and they live happily like a family.

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