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Kavach - Kali Shaktiyon Se Hindi TV SHOWS on Colors TV

Kavach- Kali Shaktiyon Se is a finite horror series. Colors TV telecasts the show on weekends. It is a love story having a supernatural touch. It is commonly known as Kavach. Vivek Dahiya and Mona Singh play the main leads in the show. The main antagonist of the show, Manjulika, which is an evil spirit was essayed by Mahek Chahal for first 6 episodes, but Sara Khan later replaced her. It is also aired in Pakistan on Filmazia. Santram Verma is the director of the show, and Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor are the producers. The show also has Ashwini Kalsekar, Neena Cheema, Shiva Rindani, Anurag Sharma, Arun Singh Rana, Astha Agarwal, and Deepali Kamath. Leena Jumani, Bansari Patel, and Garima Jain did a cameo appearance.

The show started with Isha, Rajveer’s fiancé, going in a car and her car breaks down near a Temple, Balaji Temple. In the temple, she sees a priest controlling a ghost which is in a girl’s body. Pandit asks her also to take Hanumanji’s blessing which she ignores due to lack of time. In the way, she dies due to Manjula’s black magic. Then it shows the story after four years in which Paridhi is traveling in a car with her friend, Minty. It is revealed that she is going to marry Rajveer Bundela who she met 4 years ago when he was shattered as his fiancé was missing. After that, they became friends and Rajveer proposed her. They also go to the same temple as she is an archaeologist. They also see Pandit freeing a girl from a spirit, but Paridhi denies believing in it saying it is all superstition. A lady hears that and tell them that if there is God, then there is evil also; like when white is there, black is also there. Still, Paridhi refuses to believe in evil.

Then, Rajveer’s house and his family is shown. His family is busy in dance practice for his engagement. His dadi is shown to pray god to keep everything okay this time as their engagement has already broken thrice. She then goes into a store room where she sees a photo changing colors, and she gets scared and starts to chant Hanuman Chalisa. She denies his son to burn it as the evil spirit will be free. Rajveer is introduced. Manjulika steals a diamond necklace which Rajveer has sent for Paridhi and starts doing black magic. Then, Paridhi’s family is shown, and her dadi falls due to black magic, and everyone starts worrying, but she says that she is fine. In the engagement, Rajveer gets a call that Paridhi’s car has fallen from a cliff due to which everyone start panicking.

Later, she comes with her friend and tells that she has given her car to a girl who needed it urgently. Everyone get relived on hearing this. Their engagement happens in a unique way in which ring falls from a balloon. Manjulika sees Rajveer and gets impressed. Rajveer’s dadi finds out that Manjulika is back. Manjulika possesses Rajveer and makes him to insult Paridhi. He also tells her that he does not love her but loves Manjulika. He starts acting weird because of which Saroj, their maid, and Rajveer’s dadi find out about evil spirit and tells Paridhi. Paridhi finally comes to know about it and believes it. She then takes out Rajveer from the possession with the help of eunuch lady, Heera, and Saroj. She then tells entire family about it, but Rajveer still denies to believe it.

Heera gives her sindoor and tells her to be careful as she is going out for two days. After that, Manjulika comes in their marriage by emotional blackmailing, and Paridhi sees her getting married to Rajveer i.e. doing all the rituals instead of her. Then, she possesses Paridhi and gets romantic with Rajveer. She also tortures Paridhi and tells her that no one can see her except Paridhi. She tries to tell Saroj but is unable to. Still, Saroj finds out and take them into the temple but by some circumstances Manjulika makes Paridhi to be out from temple at 7 pm when she normally enters in her body. Paridhi starts behaving weirdly like bolder, revengeful, etc. due to Manjulika controlling her body and everyone is left shocked. Natasha, Rajveer’s elder brother wife, dislikes Paridhi and is left fuming when she insults her.

Saroj decides to call Heera, but Manjulika warns her not to do then otherwise she will torture Paridhi. Manjulika stops Rajveer from going to Canada even after many tries of Paridhi. She even gets her mother, Saudamini, out of suitcase grave where Bundela family has locked her through a magical black key. Then Saudamini kills Saroj and possesses her body. Heera tells Paridhi that there are total two evil spirits in their house and gives her enchanted threads which Pari ties on everybody to protect them. The mother-daughter tricks Paridhi and makes her come in a circle where the effect of the enchanted thread is lost. So what will happen to Paridhi and Rajveer? Who will become her Kavach from evil spirits? To find out all this, keep watching Kavach.

Another Version Of The Story...

Kavach...Kaali Shaktiyon Se or simply Kavach is a supernatural drama TV series. It means shield one from the supernatural forces. The show is telecast on Colors Channel with the first season being 47 episodes long each of about 44 to 55 minutes, the original being in the Hindi language. Santram Verma is directing the show. The show is inspired by a famous mythological story of Savitri and Satyavan. For that, the show delves into the concept of supernatural ideas and myths were all brought up and making it a nail-biting series, to say the least. The central plot is that a female spirit, Manjulike, wants to break the marriage of a couple because she wants the husband, Rajbir, dead. She tries to achieve this by entering into the body of the wife, Paridhi, and tries to harm him.

So, that’s up to the possessed married girl, the central character of the show, to free oneself from the bondage of the supernatural and save her husband at any cost. So the series is similar to the Savitri’s determination of saving her husband. Can Paridhi save her husband or not is what we see in the series- making it a story of dedication, love, passion and obsession as central element surrounding the supernatural Voodoo and fear. The show has got a good reception from the viewers. Mona Singh, who is doing the role of the protagonist Paridhi, said that the show was a challenging one for her as it demanded her of expressing a wide range of emotion on set. The show is aired on weekends in Pakistan by Filmazia and Color TV.

The show has been dubbed into other languages: Tamil as Maya Mohini on Star Vijay, in Malayalam as Kavacham showing it on Asianet and Kaapaade Kavacham in Telugu on Maa TV. Hence no doubt the show got a wide reception in all over India which is not surprising since the producers of the show are Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. Balaji Telefilms produced the show. The show continued from 11 June to 20 November 2016. Now the producers have started to experiment with such finite fiction series more, which started with the success of Naagin. This way the series will prove a competition to the fast rising platform of web-series nowadays.

Another version Of The Story :

Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se was an Indian Television Drama, a finite horror series loosely based on the story of Savitri bringing back her husband from Yamraj. The show broadcast on Colors channel during the year of 2016. It first aired on 11 June 2016, and the last episode was on 20 November 2016, with a total of 47 episodes. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor produced the show under their production company Balaji Telefilms Ltd. The actor who played lead roles were Mona Singh, who portrays the protagonist Paridhi, and Vivek Dahiya in the role of her husband, Rajbir Bundela. The evil soul Manjulika was played by two actors Mahek Chahal for nine episodes, and then by Sara Khan. The story begins way before Rajbir and Paridhi meet. Rajbir meets Manjulika and Manjulika falls in love with him, but unfortunately, she dies. Rajbir was supposed to marry Nisha, but Manjulika kills her.

Four years later, Rajbir meets and falls in love with Paridhi. Nisha dies but, Paridhi is blessed with goodness, a kavach, that protects her from all kind of evil. She fights all negativity and troubles stopping her, to get engaged to Rajbir. Manjulika had killed herself only to marry Rajbir; she enter in Paridhi’s body take saat phere with Rajbir and Paridhi. Things take a massive turn when the ghost of Manjulika takes over Paridhi's body. Manjulika wants to take Rajbir along with her. Paridhi is a devoted wife and tries to save her husband's life from the ghost and all the risk that are involved. Paridhi acts like a kavach to protect her husband from supernatural powers.The story is based on Indian culture where women wear mangalsutra to save the life of her husband from supernatural powers.

Even after defying every evil power Rajbir is taken into hell and he loses his memory. Paridhi has to save him before the sunrise. Paridhi visits patal lok and with the support of prayers of family members and blessings of God manages to cross all the levels of patal lok. Paridhi destroys the evil power and saves her husband. Both get back to Earth and marry again in front of the whole family. It is a family drama with a slight touch of suspense. It shows how a simple woman can even go to hell to protect her husband. It's a love story worth watching which keeps the audience gripped with its suspense. All the actors gave their best performances. Kavach Kali Shaktiyon Se topped TRP ratings during it was aired.