Resha Konkar, who is a star attraction in one of the TV series which has brought many reviews and critics that have done nothing but catch the attention of all the people who stays tuned in the evening after all the work and a tired day. She is a very pretty woman who happened to be very good at what she’s doing. She who started with a role, that was something quite small, turned out to be very big and better. And she is very great full for what happened over the period to have made that change. In the beginning starting off as an actress in the TV serial “ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Yeh hai Mohabbatein is an Indian soap opera of the >> Read More... Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ” as Rinki, a character who is very insecure about her brother Raman and his dear wife, Ishita. The actors who took up the characters Raman and Ishita are Karan Patel Karan Patel is an Indian television actor born on >> Read More... Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi Divyanka Tripathi was born in Bhopal India. She is >> Read More... Divyanka Tripathi respectively. The story is such that she assumes that her husband Mihir, starring by Raj Singh Arora Raj Singh Arora is a brilliant Indian television a >> Read More... Raj Singh Arora , who works along with her brother, is not given equal rights in the company and that her sister-in-law and her brother are taking advantage of her husband to acquire profit. And this made a change in the role Rinki (the name of the actress in the TV series) as such that she acts in more of a role of a villain, which made the daily viewers criticize her in many aspects of the person who she is in the TV series. But then she doesn’t mind.

In fact, she is very happy about this change and glad that the writers and the makers to have had faith in her, to believe that she can take up this change and bring out the best in her. And she has also said in an interview that she is challenged and have always been looking for a change and waiting for something that would give her an opportunity to show her best, catching more attention in the show. At the same time, she is also in a relationship with Rujut Dahiya Rujut Dahiya is a well-known television actor. He >> Read More... Rujut Dahiya , who is also apparently her on-screen partner in DD’s Pavitra Bandhan Pavitra bandhana serial was telecasted on ETV Kann >> Read More... Pavitra Bandhan . As per the Tellychakkar, the website, they met for the first time during the shooting, which led them to start a friendship, which after a while, they realised that they can be more than friends, and love each other for who they are and they didn’t keep this off from the people around. And they didn’t mind this being open out in the public.

In some interviews, they have told that they love to be with each other and spent to be with each other holding hands like normal people and sometimes often become dramatic. And according to Rujut Dahiya “Reshu” is dramatic with her dialogues and he is good at expressing my love, so they are best in complementing each other the best. Well apart from these two TV series “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” and “Pavitra Bandhan” she is also in the TV series Piya Rangreez simultaneously.