Hindi Tv Serial Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Jamai Raja drama series, broadcasted on Zee TV channel. The serial started airing on August 4th, 2014 and it is still being aired. It was produced by Akshay Kumar and Ashwini Yardi under the banner of Grazing Goat Pictures Pvt. Ltd. and Sagar Arts. Jamai Raja is a story that revolves around the tiffs between Durga Devi (Achint Kaur) and her daughter, Roshni (Nia Sharma) and how Siddharth (Ravi Dubey) came into their lives and alter everything. Durga doesn’t like him because she believes that Siddharth is a middle-class man. The truth is, he is richer than Durga and he just pretends to be from the middle class to clear Roshni’s false impression that rich people are harsh and cruel. But later on, when Roshni finds out the truth, she leaves Sid. After a 6-months leap in the story, Roshni now lives in Bangkok. Yash Mehra (Mohit Malhorta) is in love with her and her mother agreed on their relationship. But Roshni got confused and she was unable to choose between Yash and Sid. 

In India, Sid did his best to make Roshni realize that she is still in love with him. But after some turns, she assumes that Sid is only using her and then she asked for a divorce. Sid hated her and forcefully takes her to the Family Court, but Roshni doesn’t want a divorce anymore. The judge decided to give them three months to save their marriage so they live under one roof even though Sid still hates her. They live together like strangers but Roshni started to love him more than before because of his help due to some situations caused by Rajveer (Vishal Karwal) and Kritika (Isha Sharmaa). As the story progresses, different characters were added to the serial; some make things more complicated for Sid and Roshni and ruin their relationship. Let’s just wait and see if the two will still end up together or they will decide to go on their separate ways. The cast also includes Apara Mehta, KC Shankar, Reyhna Malhorta, Shruti Ulfat, Deepti Sharma and a lot more.