Hindi Tv Serial Filmi Chakkar

Filmi Chakkar Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Filmi Chakkar was a 1980s sitcom that aired on Zee TV. The sitcom is based on a family that was extremely obsessed with films. Evergreen comedian Satish Shah played Prashant, husband of wife Rukmani, played by Ratna Pathak Shah. Both of them are fond of films. They have two kids.

There is also an additional family member within them, and she is the ‘Dadi’ (grandmother of two kids) who is not fond of films at all. Every day the family comes up with an idea altogether, and this creates a funny situation in their lives. They resort to film dialogues and everything related to the big screen to overcome their daily problems in their life.

They copy every situation of love, humor, romance, tragedy from the evergreen Bollywood movies and try to live a happy married life. Every episode of Filmi Chakkar looked realistic and natural. Filmi Chakkar is finally, a serial based on a series of incidents and escapades that occur in a family of filmi buffs.

Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah have played their characters excellently excelled in their role. It was a classic series because of Sathish Shah performance. It was a comedy show where every member talks in film dialogues and how they overcome their ‘daily problems’ by ‘filmi solutions’. The irony here is that, in spite of the huge dose of ‘filmy’ness in the plot. The show could not look any more realistic! Veteran artiste Shammi played the role of ‘dadi’ in the serial.