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Hindi Tv Serial Dekha Ek Khwaab

Dekha Ek Khwaab Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Dekha Ek Khwaab is about a 19-year-old girl named Moniya, who wants to be a princess in her dreams and eventually notices that she is Rajkumari Manyata. Manyata was hijacked at three years old and had been living with Murari Lal, who is a poor gatekeeper. He abducted her keeping in mind the end goal to take revenge from her father, Maharaj Brijraj when he drove his auto over Murari's wife and kids while smashed. 

Manyata acts impolitely with her family, not accepting reality and endeavouring to flee. Yuvraj Udayveer Singh of Jaigarh, to whom Manyata was locked in at 3 years old, tries to make a good relationship with her. As Uday gets some answers concerning Manyata's and Akash's relationship he gets to be vexed. Jainandini, Manyata's sister, gets distraught about this as she has enjoyed a great time with Uday since adolescence.

Rajmata Mrinalini Devi, Ruler Mother of Devgarh and Manyata's grandma, tries to keep Manyata far from Akash as he wanted Uday to marry her. Manyata gets some answers concerning this arrangement. Uday calls Akash to reach him by a precipice where they wind up battling coming about with Akash falling over the bluff. Jainandini records their battle on her cell phone and begins coercing Uday. 

Manyata takes up the objective to turn into an impeccable princess. Rajmata needs to choose who the family's beneficiary would be. The minister henceforth organises three exams to see who of the two ought to be the beneficiary. Jainandini makes numerous impediments for Manyata in this; she likewise tries to murder Manyata. But Manyata wins and after she is announced the 21st beneficiary or Yuvrani of Devgarh she leaves Jainandini. 

Manyata discovers how he pushed Akash off the bluff and henceforth she got Uday captured. Uday escapes and educates Manyata around an agreement in the middle of Rajmata and Uday's father, Maharaj Girijraj, which says that the Yuvrani of Devgarh will be married to the Yuvraj of Jaigarh. 

Then again Jagat Singh Rathore, Jainandini's ex-returns and Jainandini, who is dead set to take requital, begins utilising him. Manyata needs to battle a few issues made by Uday. Jagat educates Jainandini concerning one of his companions named Aryan Rai Chawdhury and he ends up being Akash, alive, leaving Jainandini stunned. Manyata unconscious about this gets to know the arrangements of Uday and her father, he gets to think about Maharaj Brijraj, her father's ex-love, Maya and not able to take the aches of ceaseless requitals from Uday and his father against her and her family, she is compelled to wed him.

Manayta comes to think about Aryan, who guarantees that he is not Akash and lets him know to be the life partner of a young lady named, Tara, however at long last consents to be Akash. Uday understands it and turns dangerous. Manyata return, however, it is past the point of no return and Uday breaks his marriage contract. 

In a gathering arranged by Uday, Manyata gets offended seeing him hit the dance floor with Jainandini and hits the dance floor with him and she at long last claims her affection to Uday and Uday respond to her emotions. On the other hand, Akash and Jainandini collaborate to make misconceptions among them. Manyata puts in day and night in petitions to God for Uday's prosperity. Then again, Manyata understands Uday's adoration for her after Uday's legal advisor advises Manyata that he had provided for her back her property which he purchased prior to take a revenge. Uday getting to think about Manyata's requests to God and dedication to get him back makes him joyful. Jainandini understands all the shrewd deeds done by her and apologises, and Manyata eventually pardons her. Along these lines, Manyata and Uday at long last rejoin and the story closes on a decent note.