Hindi Tv Serial Deewar

Deewar Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Deewar is a Hindi serial broadcasted on DD National channel. It was also running in tv Asia channel in the United States. Credit for creation goes to tracinema venture. The director of this show is Raman Kumar and Yatindra Rawat. It ran upto 260 episodes, approximately 25 minutes per episode.

The role played by the artists are as follows: Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Purshottam Singh (the protagonist), Smita Jaykar as Aparna (wife of Purshottam), Amita Nangia as Pakhi (elder daughter of Purshottam), Anju Mahendru as Gayatri (second wife of Purshottam, Ambika is her daughter), Sushil Parashar as Madhav Pathak (Gayatri’s brother), Mukesh Khanna as Vikram Singh (Purshottam’s brother, a main character), Asawari Joshi as Jaya (Vikram’s wife), Vaquar Shaikh as Rahul (son of Vikram), Resham Seth as pinky (Vikram’s daughter), Avtaar Gill as Dhanraj Singh (Purshottam’s cousin, negative character), Sanjay Batra as Jayanth (another negative character), Alok Nath as Krishan Kanth (Vikram’s childhood friend), Sulbha Arya as Geetha (Krishan’s wife), Mamik as Arjun (Krishan’s aggressive son who is in love with Pakhi), Anita Kulkarni as Meera (Krishan’s daughter who is ready to do anything for her parents) and Rakesh Bedi as Goldie (household’s manager who is funny and confused).

This serial is the story of Purshottam who is in the jail for past 10 years. He is in the prison for being guilty of murder. He has been given fourteen years of imprisonment, but it seems that he is going to be released in the next six months because of his hard work and good behavior. The murder can be expected from Purshottam because his anger can turn everything worst. Years ago, Purshottam, his brother Vikram, and their friend as well as the neighbor, Krishan were growing in a small, crudely built shack.

On the other side of the town, Dhanraj was leading an elegant life. Purshottam’s father worked in milk dairy as a factory runner whereas; Dhanraj’s father was running a successful electricity business. He was the only person running that business in the town. Though there was a difference in the status; the two brothers were close to each other. Purshottam works in his uncle’s office as an employee. Dhanraj and his father would often insult Purshottam. As days passed, Purshottam learned the marketing strategy and distribution channel of the business and started his own business. This affected Dhanraj’s business leading to bankruptcy. This made Dhanraj and his family move out of the place.

Purshottam started growing rich, his sister, Vikram and he got married. There is a saying that richness makes a man blind. Similarly, Purshottam became blind towards what is good and what is bad. Though married, he had an illegitimate relationship with Gayatri. He used to spend a lot of time with her. Also, he had a good relationship with Gayatri’s brother Madhav. Ten years ago, Madhav manipulated Purshottam which led him to commit murder. Purshottam was drunk when he committed this crime. At the time of Purshottam’s release, Madhav will sow the seed into his mind that Aparna and Vikram are in a relationship. When he returns home, he will compromise himself, and believes Madhav, seeing Aparna and Vikram. He will speak about this with Krishan and refuses to listen to him.

Also, he decides not to return home and takes the promise from Krishan as to not to inform anyone about this at home. Madhav created this misunderstanding as he feared that Ambika (Gayatri’s daughter) would not get enough wealth from her father as it would go to his legitimate daughters. Purshottam leaves everyone and disappears. The family searches for him everywhere. They get his personal belongings and assume that he is dead. Aparna never believes it. Dhanraj returns to India with his son Guddu. His main aim is to take revenge on Purshottam for ruining his business. Guddu and Meera gets committed. Krishan warns Meera not to believe Guddu as he didn’t like guddu.also, he was unaware of Guddu’s family. Later Guddu cheats Meera, and she is scattered.

Then she decides to teach a lesson to Guddu. Pakhi is in a relationship with Gautham. Akshay encourages their love thinking that his business could grow. Later, Dhanraj joins Akshay and forces him to get them married as both of them get benefited. Pakhi and Gautham gets married. Now Pakhi starts suffering as they compel her to ask the share in the business. When Pakhi does, Rahul gets attentive. From the other side, Dhanraj pushes Ambika through Madhav. Vikram is disturbed by all this. Finally, the business collapses. The family is thrown into the street. At this time Krishan tells Purshottam the reality. Now Purshottam realizes everything. Krishan calls him back and requests him to take the family where it was. Again the three men will join hands to re-build their empire. Even Meera will join them.