Hindi Tv Serial Bhagyavidhaata

Bhagyavidhaata Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Bhagyavidhaata - This is a drama serial which was broadcasted on colors tv. This serial is written by Raakesh Paswan, Amitabh Singh and Anshuman Sinha. The serial starts with Bindiya Prasad who is a girl from middle class family. She is also a simple in natured girl. Suddenly she gets married to Vinay Sinha who is a rich person. Vinay Sinha marries Bindiya forcefully. Bindiya does not know anything about this matter from the beginning. After their marriage Bindiya is punished by the members of Vinay. However, after passing a long journey Bindiya finally gets the love of her husband Vinay and his family members. Suddenly an accident takes place and Vinay dies. Vinay’s elder brother takes his new born son. After 20 years Bindiya lives in the house of Prasad. Bindiya’s son hates her because of the reverse mental treatment by Akhilesh and others. At the end of the serial Bindiya and her son meet each other and realize the truth.

This serial started on 4th may 2009 and ended on 22nd April 2011.


Richa Soni- In this serial Richa Soni has played the role of Bindiya. She is the main female character of this serial. She was born on 8th July 1986 at Bihar. She played different roles in various TV shows and movies. She even acted in Telugu movies.

 'Vishal Karwal' - He is the main male character in this serial. He has played the role of Vinay Sinha. He was born on 18th November 1985 in Himachal Pradesh. He has been acting since 2006 to present. He kept his footprint in this industry by participating in a rv reality show. After that he has acted in a lot of TV shows and serials. At present he is a famous actor.