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Other names of Deepti Devi: Dipti Shrikant Devi
Hindi Tv Actress Deepti Devi
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Deepti Devi popularly known as Deepti Srikanth Devi (full name) was born on 21st February in Pune. She was brought up in a Gujarati Family. Her Father Shrikanth Devi and her mother Shoba Devi, both worked in a bank. Deepti has performed well in her academics in her early stages; she has also won many scholarships during her schooling. She completed her learning in Hindustan Antibiotics School, Pimpri, Pune and in Prabodhini School, Pune.

Deepti Devis’s brother Umesh Devi works in Swiss Bank. During her early days itself, Deepti had the keen interest in acting and has performed in various drama shows. One of the finest acts of her was showcased in Mala Sasu Havi Mala Sasu havi is a Marathi television serial aire >> Read More... , a Marathi serial. Mala Sasu Havi produced by Jitendra Gupta Jitendra Gupta is a Marathi actor. He is also a wr >> Read More... and Mahesh Tagde Bio coming soon... >> Read More... have done the best to Deepti’s career. Deepti Devi got engaged on 11th August 2013 to Amogh Waman Desai, an architect and an interior designer.

After her successive commitments in various TV shows, she got her first break in the movie “Pak Pak Pakaak” by Gautam Joglekar Gautam Joglekar is a professional Indian actor, di >> Read More... . The movie was about a naughty young boy in a village. Deepti played the role of Kaveri in it. Although her role was not of much importance, her acting has won her applause and praises. After the movie, she started flourishing her skills in Parivaar, wherein she played as Radha in it. She has been doing a lot of serials both in Hindi and Marathi.

After Parivaar, she became an established actor to the non-Marathi audience. On taking her co-stars advice into consideration, she engaged herself more into Hindi shows, which won her chances for serials and TV shows from various other channels too. Deepti played the role of Saumya in the most popular show “Bade Aache Lagte Hai”.

While she was doing her “Bade Aache Lagte Hai” she got the chance to play the lead role in “Mala Sasu Havi”. Mala Sasu Havi focused on a very modern plot about daughter-in-law and mother-in-law which drew many audience attention. After “Pak Pak Pakaak”, she made her next hit in a Marathi movie “Samar Ek Sangharsh”. Deepti has also performed in various award functions and shows. Thus, the Hindi actress till date is flourishing in her boundaries with numerous fans and wellwishers.


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