Hindi Tv Serial Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai

Badi Door Se Aaye Hai Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Aliens are back on our planet, and this time they chose India. This is the concept of the new comedy show Badi Door Se Aaye Hain. The show has been broadcasting on SAB TV. Five aliens come to our planet searching for their elder son, whom they lost in our galaxy some time ago. They want a place to live, and from where they can search for their son, so they start living in Sunshine Colony.

Sumeet Raghavan, as Vasant Ghotala, is the head of the family, and Rupali Bhosale, as Varsha Ghotala, is playing his wife's character. Vasant Ghotala has lots of supernatural powers, but he doesn't want to use them to hurt anyone. He is a very kind-hearted person/alien. Some residents of Sunshine Colony have lots of doubts about them as their lifestyle is a bit suspicious for them. The situations get tangy when some other kids of the colony have strong doubts about them.

The alien family knew very well that if they had to search for their son, the colony would be a safe place to stay on this planet. Although their neighbors doubt them, they are pretty different. Vasant Ghotala tries a lot to find his son, but his family members create some weird situations for him every time. Vasant Ghotala's son Hemant Ghotala is pretty funny with his actions, and every time he creates problems for him. Whenever they meet their neighbors, lots of funny things occur, which makes the whole situation amusing. When they invited the colony members to their house for a dinner party, many strange things happened. 'Vinay Rohrra' as Sharad Ghotala and 'Punit Talreja' as Hemant Ghotala are doing their parts brilliantly. So how they find their son without disclosing their identity to anyone is the highlight of the show.

Another Version 

This show is about a family of aliens coming to planet 'Earth' to look for their lost son and the situations they get into to save their identity from being discovered by their colony members. They had crash-landed in a colony in the middle of the night and settled there. After some time of living there, they got attached to the members. There was almost always were in threat of getting their identities exposed. The children of the families in the colony were intelligent and quickly figured out that they were different and tried many ways to tell them. That created sticky situations for them that they had to lie to come out. The surname they chose for themselves, "Ghotala," suited them a lot as they kept getting into trouble. The main highlight of this show is that the family is worried about their lost son and does everything in their power to hide their superpowers. During their stay on Earth, they have difficulty understanding human culture and habits. Everything is so strange to them. But, in their journey, they also learn how humans bond with each other through feelings and emotions. The members of Sunshine Colony are unique in their way and find it difficult to accept the Ghotalas at first because of their weirdness. But, they slowly warm up to them when they see their kind and selfless nature. All the actors did good work in conveying their characters. Every actor had impeccable comedic timing. It was fun watching the alien family develop and learn something new about humans in every episode. Every character was fun and loveable and had something unique to offer.