Sneh V Mirani Hindi Actor

Sneh V Mirani is a Hindi, child artist. He has started his career at a very young age. At a tender ten age of he has entered television industry. He is full of energy and is exuberance personified. His first role was episodic for ‘R.K Laxman Ki Duniya’ aired on Sab Tv. He played ‘Munna Mishra’ a.k.a ‘Mithlesh Mishra’ the notorious kid who steals his father’s box of paan to prevent him continuing his bad habit. At the age of eleven, he did episodic for ‘ Chota Birbal Chota Birbal is an Indian television show which is >> Read More... Chota Birbal ’ on Big Magic for the role of young Birbal. Later he enacted in ‘Badi Door Se Aye Hain’ on Sab Tv. He plays ‘Mitesh Bhatt’. It is a comedy show. The show is based on an alien family who invades India to find their son. It was first aired on June 9, 2013, and is still earning TRP. The show has quite a lot many fans.

It has Sumeet Raghavan He is a TV and film actor. He was born in Mumbai, >> Read More... Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Bhosale Rupali Bhosale is a popular face in the circuit of >> Read More... Rupali Bhosale as main leads. Sneh’s character adds a tinge of humor to the confusion created in the family although he is the one creating it. Sneh has inherent dance skill that amazes the audience. Apart from acting in episodes and television show, he has been on dance shows. He even appears on talent House website that displays popular creative artworks and talents. He featured in ‘Çhak Dhoom Dhoom colors fame’. He is a part of ‘Revolution Dance Center’ (RDC), a school of dance. He has auditioned for a lot of shows and has earned appreciation for the comic character he enacts. Sneh is young and intelligent. He keeps the entertaining audience with his humorous roles and dance skills. This budding artist is sure to create benchmarks in the industry. There is no doubt that he might even turn out to be an all-rounder.