Hindi Tv Serial Aasman Se Aage

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Aasman Se Aage was an epic Indian drama which reveals the things happening behind the real life of reality shows and the struggles the participants are handling on the TRPs and the politics being played around them. The main characters of the drama include Meenakshi - Ojaswi Oberoi, who was brought up in slums and wished to win the reality dance show. The second important character who is against Meenakshi is Karishma – Monica Khanna. Karishma will go to any extent to achieve what she wants.

The other characters or participants are the two charming brothers Angad – Aham Sharma, who is mature and steady and Akshat – Siddarth Karnick, who is violent and spontaneous. Allen – Kushal Punjabi who choreographs Meenakshi will  love her without her knowledge. Later on, the twist comes like Meenakshi and Akshat love each other. The challenge of Meenakshi against Karishma to win the best dancer award creates more twists and the refusal of wearing the dance costume by Meenakshi sets as drawback to her. The politics behind it makes Meenakshi to break her leg by DC and she reveals the actual thing behind the TRP and the real persons where the DC who is the producer of the show uses the poverty of Meenakshi to hike the TRPs'

Later on, with her broken legs Meenakshi won the title and shows off the real face of DC to the world and makes the academy closed. Akshat was together with Karishma by the lies told by DC to kiss to become famous stars. Later on, Akshat asks Meenakshi to forgive his brother and let them unite together. This makes them to remain friends. Allen finally meets Dc and shows himself the love of DC on Meenakshi and DC realizes that. At the end, Meenakshi and DC both look each other and seem to love in back.