Devang Patel is a versatile actor, musician, film director and comedy singer in one bundle. He is loved for the parodies of famous songs he has created and singing them in various TV shows and music albums. Devang is a Gujarati by birth and is always on the look out for something funny in everything. His signature style of single has made many an Indians his avid fans and his Patelscopes I, II and III are famous all over the globe. 

Devang carved a niche for himself by creating anew genre of rap comedy music. He sings the parodies of some very popular songs converting them in to raps. The style has been highly appreciated by Indian audiences and he is one of the most popular comedy singer of our times. 
 Apart from the comedy singing, he also acted in some Bollywood movies like Chahat starring Shahrukh Khan. Some other hits include 'Madhuri Mili Raste Mein' and 'Meri Marzi' from the movie Gambler, and few other songs such as 'Chalu girl', 'Aye Raju' and 'Bamboo no. 5'. 

Devang recently appeared on TV and delivered parodies on various topics like politics, society and personalities and stole the heart of hinterland audiences. He was awarded the honour of real diamond of Gujarat by a non profit organisation for his performances through various media.
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