English Tv Show House Season 7


The seventh season of the famous medical drama series House premiered on September 20, 2010, and the final episode aired on May 23, 2011. After the announcement of Lisa Edelstein that she is not interested to continue further, the seventh season contained the last episode with Lisa Cuddy. The seventh season is the first which had some changes in the opening credits. Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson were considered as the main cast, and Jennifer Morrison was removed from the credits (since her character left during the previous season).

This season had 23 dynamic episodes which were watched by almost 11 million people on television. Throughout the season, we see some important developments in the personal life of House, especially in his relationship with Cuddy. They make their relationship public although both of them are unsure about the future and both see problems. Cuddy is not pleased with many aspects of House’s personal life like the prostitute he sees for different purposes.

House is not sure about Cuddy’s feelings about him, and he thinks that she is just clinging on to him due to the initial spark in any relationship. House always chooses his personal interests over Cuddy until she is diagnosed with what seemed to be cancer that had metastasized which might result in her death. Later, it was found that the cancer was not harmful and metastasis was just an inflammation, and allergy spreading was mistaken for cancer spreading.

Later Cuddy ends her relationship with House blaming him for not being there for her. House becomes Vicodin addict again and loses interest in medical puzzles. Thirteen takes a personal leave, and everyone thought she went for her medical experiment. But later it was found that she was in prison for six months. House meets her on the day of her release from the jail and catches up with her on their journey back. Finally, she acknowledged that she killed a man.

But the very next day House figured it out that the original leave was to take care of her sibling. Thirteen did an amazing job at solving the case. Taub divorces his wife when he feels so insecure about his part in the relationship. He starts seeing Eric Foreman and moves into her spare room. Taub started dating both a young CNA, Ruby and his ex-wife. This made the whole picture a lot more interesting especially when he got both of them pregnant. The final episode of the season was ” MOVING ON” which was aired on MAY 23, 2011. FOX confirmed season eight on May 10, which premiered on October 3, 2011.