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Game Of Thrones Season 2 English TV SERIALS on HBO

Stannis Baratheon who is the eldest brother of late King Robert sends a message from his Dragonstone court to the Seven Kingdoms that he is the heir of Iron Throne. He informs them that Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella are products of Cersei Lannister and her twin brother, Jaime. Cressen (Stannis’s master) is preoccupied with the influence foreign priestess Melisandre is having on him. He sacrifices himself for Stannis by drinking poison from a cup and after that lets Melisandre drink it, but she is unaffected while he dies immediately. Robb Stark (King of North ) informs Jaime Lannister, his prisoner about the news of Stannis.

Robb wants Lord Greyjoy to join them against the Lannisters. Bran learns to become Lord of Winterfell.He visits Godswood with Osha after he dreams of it. They both see the comet in the sky.Bran predicts it as the victory while Osha says it’s the dragons that have returned. Caster informs Mance Rayder the King beyond the Wall that Rayder is bringing the army in the mountains. Daenerys Targaryen with so much difficulty crosses the Red Waste. King Joffrey Baratheon’s name day is celebrated. Tyrion Lannister arrives at the celebration to be beside the King in place of his father. King Robert’s all illegitimate children were killed. One of them (Gendry) has been out of the city in the caravan. Even Arya is traveling in the same caravan. Varys threaten Tyrion that he will reveal his mistress Shae to his father. Tyrion threatens him to kill in return. Queen Regent Cersei Lannister reads Robb Starks peace letter that he sent but tears it up instead.She even reads Jeor Mormont’s letter which states that more men are needed for the wall and warning from the undead, the council, however, does not take it seriously.

Tyrion then comes to know that it was King Joffrey Baratheon who ordered to kill all the bastards of King Robert. Davos Seaworth and Matthos (his son) convince Salladhor Saan to aid them with ships for the war. Theon Greyjoy receives a cold welcome from his father Balon when he returns to his homeland. He keeps Robb’s offer in front of him(to make him the King of Iron Islands), but Balon refuses the offer.On his way, Theon meets Yara whom he at first tries to seduce but later finds out is his sister. Daenerys decides to take revenge as she prepares a funeral for Rakharo. Tyrion plans three alliances by getting married to Sansa Stark. Catelyn appear in Stormlands to have an alliance of her own by seeking help from King Renly. King Renly refuses to help her. It's shown that King Renly is interested in Loras Tyrell rather than his wife Margeary. Robb Stark wins the battle against Lannister at Oxcross.

He is impressed by a neutral field nurse Talisa. He treats the prisoners nicely as his sisters are still a prisoner at the Landings. Hearing Robb’s victory King Joffrey orders shaming of Robb’s sister, Sansa. Ser Lancel has an affair with Cersei Lannister and knowing this Tyrion asks Ser to keep eye on her in exchange for him to keep their relationship secret.Arya Stark, Gendry, and Hot Pie arrive at the castle of Harrenhal as prisoners. Instead of making them work the garrison under the command of Gregor tortures prisoners and ask about a group named the brotherhood. Arya is made cupbearer. Daenerys is welcomed in the Qarth located in the garden of bones.

She meets with the leader of Thirteen there who demands to see her dragons before them entering in the city, but Daenerys refuses. Her group is decided to be abandoned in the garden of bones. One of the members from the Thirteen tests the members of Daenerys group with blood oath and let them in. Petyr Littlefinger comes to Stormlands and informs them that Lannisters have their sister and would trade them for Ser Jaime Lannister. Stannis offers Renly to surrender and become his heir but he refuses knowing he has a larger army. Melisandre gives birth to a shadowy figure that disappears in the cloud. While having a discussion for an alliance with Catelyn Stark, King Renly is murdered by the shadowy creature who Melisandre gave birth to. The guards take Brienne of Tarth as murder but she slays them, and Brienne and Catelyn run away.Loras Tyrell wants to avenge Renly’s death from Stannis, but Margaery convinces him to flee before he arrives.Davos asks Stannis to stay away from Melisandre. Stannis commands Davos to take the fleet to King’s Landing.Lancel reveals that Cersei is taking large amounts of wildfire.

Wisdom Hallyne reveals to Tyrion that Joffrey plans to attack Stannis fleet with pots of wildfire. Tyrion decided to use that for himself. Theon Greyjoy is disrespected by his men after being made the captain of the single ship. Dagmer, his first mate, asks him to attack Northern town of Torrhen’s square. Bran sends men to defend the Torrhen’s square. The Night’s watch meet the famous Qhorin Halfhand. Jon Snow volunteers to join him. Daenerys is offered marriage by Xaro in Qarth. Arya meets Jaqen whom she helped. He offers her three lives as a return favor. Theon takes over the Winterfell and declares himself as the Lord of Winterfell. Theon executes Ser Rodrik Cassel. Osha seduces Theon in order to take Bran and Rickon out of the Winterfell safely. Robb hears about the betrayal of Theon. Lord Roose Bolton offers to send his bastard son to recapture the Winterfell. Nights watch capture wild watch post. A wild female Ygritte escape as Jon Snow is unable to kill her. He parts ways with the main group when finding her. Myrcella Baratheon goes to Dorne for marriage alliance.

King Joffrey orders the guards to kill the entire crowd when they make fun of him. Riot is broken down, and the royal family is forced to run away. Tyrion tries to handle the situation but fails. Sansa Stark is rescued by Sandor Clegane after being raped several times. Arya is caught leaking war details by Ser Armory Lorch who goes to expose her but just then she asks Jaqen H’ghar to kill him as a part of her three lives. Daenerys discovers her dragons being stolen by a mysterious figure. Tywin is in search for the murderer. Theon looks for Brandon and Rickon who escaped. Ygritte leads into a trap by seducing him. Sansa is ready to have Joffrey’s children. Jaime fails in escaping Robb’s camp.Daenerys comes to know that Pree the warlock has stolen her dragons and wants her to slaughter Council of Thirteen in return for her dragons. Theon presents two dead bodies of some people acclaiming that it’s the body of Brandon and Rickon whom he has killed. Robb comes to know about Catelyn freeing Jaime to get Sansa and Arya in return. He locks her down and sends people to find her.

Yara comes to Winterfell to take back Theon. Robb gets into a relationship with Talisa. Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie plan to escape with the help of H’ghar when Tywin goes to attack Robb. Cersei kidnaps Ros the prostitute and blackmails Tyrion. Jon Snow is captured and taken to the king of Beyond the Wall, Rayder. The other watchmen find hidden Dragon glasses. Jorah helps to rescue Daenerys' dragons from the House of the Undying. Brandon and Rickon are hiding in the Winterfell. Baratheon’s fleet attacks the King’s Landing. Tyrion uses wildfire to attack the ships. Sandor leaves Joffrey after being defeated. After that, Joffrey leaves too. Gold Cloaks helps Tyrian in fighting the Baratheon’s, but they enter the inside of the castle.

Tyrion attacks from under the ground. Cersei plans ti kill Tommen. Sandor offers Sansa to take her back to Winterfell but she refuses to go and stays instead. Tywin’s force and Loras come to the scene and defeat the Baratheon’s force. Joffrey decided to marry Margaery setting Sansa aside. Catelyn is unable to persuade Robb to not marry Talisa. Daenerys is successful in rescuing her dragons from the House of Undying. Her dragons kill Pree but instead of making Daxos the King she locks him and claims the wealth for herself. Theon’s men leave him when he asks them to fight against Robb. Arya is successful in running away from Harrenhal. Halfhand wants Snow to kill him in the North of the Wall .White Walkers come to surround the Fist of the First Men.