Bengali Tv Serial Debangshi

 Debangshi Bengali TV SERIALS on Colors Bangla

Debangshi is a Bengali dubbed Hindi drama show telecasted on Colors Bangla that premiered on 21 April from 7:30 PM. The Hindi version of the show is also available in Jiocinema. The show is about a young girl named Devanshi, born in Harayana. The series mainly focuses on the superstitions that people believe in, and questions their validity. The story revolves arund the titular character, Devanshi, who gets dedicated to the goddess of the state. Her childish innocence always outwitted any evil intentions of adults around her. After 14 years, she gets forced to leave her village with her mentally ill sister.

What happens after that forms the central part of the story.There is only one season with 324 episodes, and each episode is 20-24 minutes long. ‘Sonali Jaffer’ and ‘Amir Jaffer’ were the creators and producers, while ‘Anshoo Shyam’ was the director, and Full House Media was the production company behind the show. ‘Gitangshu Dey,’ ‘Khanna Devyana,’ ‘Vandana Tewari,’ ‘Kovid Gupta,’ and ‘Girish Dhamija’ wrote the show.

‘Kashvi Kothari,’ ‘Karuna Pandey,’ ‘Viraj Kapoor,’ ‘Helly Shah,’ ‘Mudit Nayar,’ and ‘Piyush Sahdev’ were the main characters. ‘Saniya Touqeer,’ ‘Dhruvee Haldankar,’ ‘Aamir Dalvi,’ ‘Reema Vohra,’ ‘Hetal Puniwala,’ and more were the recurring characters. IMDb gave the drama series a rating of 8.4 out of 10 stars.