Bengali Tv Serial Aparajita Apu

Aparajita Apu Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla

Aparajita Apu is a Bengali daily soap that premiered on 30th November, 2020 on Zee Bangla. It is produced by ‘Susanta Das’ under the Tent Cinema banner and has ‘Susmita Dey’ and ‘Rohaan Bhattacharjee’ playing the main characters.

 The story revolves around the life of Apu, who is a young, passionate and free-spirited girl. She does not belong to a very well-to-do family but aspires to become a Block Development Officer so that she can help her dad to break all forms of stereotypes.

However, when her elder sister Supu is to get married, a member of the groom’s family stops the wedding and demands dowry. Apu, not being able to stand such injustice, threatens to inform the police about the same. Due to her intervention, marriage proceeds smoothly. Soon, Apu falls in love with Supu’s husband’s brother, Dipu. An unfortunate event leads to their marriage and Apu has to deal with her very orthodox mother-in-law, Abala.

The show progresses and deals with Apu’s struggle in her new home and her dreams of becoming a B.D.O. The show also covers her husband’s role in helping her achieve and realise her dreams. This show has also been remade in Telegu under the name ‘Muthyamanta Muddu.’