Plot It starts with lead characters Prasanth Chitra who meet for Pellichoopulu nbsp Marriage Gaze Prasanth an educated guy but lethargic and puzzled to do

Pellichoopulu aka Pelli Choopulu Movie Review

Pellichoopulu aka Pelli Choopulu Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Pellichoopulu"
Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-07-2016
3.5 / 5.0

Plot: It starts with lead characters Prasanth, Chitra who meet for Pellichoopulu (Marriage Gaze). Prasanth, an educated guy but lethargic and puzzled to do any work. His desire is to become a Chef and start a restaurant. Chitra, a very ambitious girl and works hard to realize her dreams. Rest of the story is how they settle and how they fulfill their dreams. Nandu'slink to the storyline is to be witnessed on the silver screen. Prashanth is a carefree guy who takes things very casually in life.

He does not want to jump on the bandwagon, and follow the existing norms and dreams of becoming a chef. Seeing his breezy attitude, his father decides to get him settled and fixes his marriage with a career-minded girl, Chitra. To Prashanth’sfortune, Chitra discloses to him that she is least interested in getting settled and wants to build up a food truck business. A beaten Prashanth leaves the scene and takes the decision to move on. He finds another girl in a wealthy family.

This time also, he gets turned down as the girl's father asks him to build his own business first and then to come with the marriage proposal. He has no choice left but to ask Chitra's help. They now together start a food truck business in partnership. Cupid hits the two who now have separate personal aims. The couple resolves their individual issues and gets united in the end.

Analysis: One of the brightest aspects of the film is definitely the freshness. Right from the lead characters and the setup, every aspect of the film looks au courant. A round of applause for the director for creating some beautifully inscribed roles for every actor in the movie. The first half is brilliant enough and has some very light-hearted moments. The love story between the leads, and all the face-to-face scenes etched with a plenty of freshness is what tunes up the film Pellichoopulu is one of the most nicely created films in the recent days.

Be it the penning down of the story or the romantic sequences that Tharun narrates, it looks all upscale but at the same time, we also get the taste of the authentic Telugu culture and flavor. Tarun Bhaskar’s flawless direction makes this movie take one leap ahead in the field of story-telling in Tollywood. Camera work reaches a new high, and so is the art direction. Production values are excellent as the film looks quite posh. Vivek Sagar's background score is exceptional, but his music was commonplace. The screenplay is a treasure as the narration was uptight.

Star performance: Chitra and Prasanth's performance is fabulous. No one could pull off the act better than them. Vijay Devarakonda is excellent as Prashanth and is an actor to keep an eye for in the future. Pellichoopulu despite being his second film, the way he has exhibited his confused character speaks huge of his skills. His chemistry with Ritu is just superb and is also the selling prospect of the film. The way the couple interacts and enact their parts is just charming to watch on screen. Ritu Varma takes you aback with surprise asChitra. Her role as the ambitious, strong-willed, and independent girl brings a new spring to the story. She engages the screen with her meaningful emotions and simultaneously manages to look charming. The supporting cast does a great job in the film. Especially Priyadarshi, who plays the hero's accomplice is delightful to watch. All his one-liners and dialogues deliver excellent comic reliefs throughout.

What’s there? Pellichoopulu is one movie which comes as a waft of fresh air in the huge traffic of commercial cinema. The film has many charming moments which one can easily relate to their life. With this, Tollywood welcomes another talent called Tharun Bhaskar as his smooth narration makes things light throughout the story. The film is bound to do good in A centers, abroad and especially the younger generation will drink it up big time.

What’s not there? As in every romantic story, this film is also predictable enough in its nature. The pace of the movie drops a bit during the latter half. Pellichoopulu is not the commonplace commercial entertainer which you come across often, and a particular section of the audience might find it a tortoise's pace. There are sequences which appear repetitive, and this could have been taken care of with ease in the second half.

Verdict: Finally, to all those who want to watch a breezy and cheerful love story, Pelli Choopulu is one such film which one should not miss.