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Mohammad Hymath

Mohammed Hymath is a professional singer, performer, and entertainer in the Telugu film industry. Mohammed Hymath is known for his songs in the movies Kotha Janta in the year 2014, Right Right released in the year 2016, Lovers in the year 2018, Brand Babu in 2018 and many more. He is known for his sweet voice and light music. In his early age, Mohammed Hymath never expected that he would become a professional singer one day. He has a younger sister. Mohammed Hymath was born in Karim Nagar in Andhra Pradesh, India. He has moved to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and is currently living there. Mohammed Hymath got married to Rehana in the year 2014. Mohammed Hymath was first trained in singing by the singer Parthu Garu. Later, he was under the care of Vaidyashri Subramaniam and also Kowshik Kalyan after some years. Mohammed Hymath got his debut role as a singer for the movie Kotha Janta in the year 2014. The music director of this movie was JB who got impressed by Mohammed Hymath's voice and offered him a song. Mohammed Hymath has been releasing individual tracks and albums for about three years before venturing into movie songs. The music director of his debut song JB had telephoned him late at night and offered. The next day they both confirmed the bond after auditioning in front of music director JB and Maruthi. Mohammed Hymath remembered being restless and excited that night. Afterward, Mohammed Hymath also lent his voice for a song in the Telugu movie Heart Attack. The audio and video of this song were fully recorded, but it did not get released in the movie. Mohammed Hymath says he was very comfortable working with music director JB as he was calm and humble. He would record songs casually with much fuss. When asked if working with an artist was straining, Mohammed Hymath says that even though many other artists are involved in a song, for his part he has to do the work accordingly. So since training himself continually in singing is his passion, Mohammed Hymath feels that it is not stressful working with others. Mohammed Hymath has done a couple of mash-ups with the Hindi singer Arijit Singh. He is also a lyricist and actor in his album songs. Mohammed Hymath especially is a fan of maestro Ilayaraja, a music director, singer and composer predominantly working in the Tamil film industry.

Mohammad Hymath Telugu Actor