Directed by Saravanan 39 Challenge 39 is a Telugu flick starring Jai Andrea Jeremiah in lead roles Plot This is a story of a successful marketing exec

Challenge Movie Review

Challenge Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Challenge"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 31-07-2015
2.5 / 5.0



Directed by Saravanan, ' Challenge' is a Telugu flick starring Jai, Andrea Jeremiah in lead roles.

Plot: This is a story of a successful marketing executive, Vinod (Jai) who is full of life and enjoys his life. Subhiksha (Andrea Jeremiah) loves him and proposes him. After initially refusing her, Vinod accepts her proposal, and they become a couple. As the movie proceeds, Subhiksha keeps a challenge in front of Jai that he has to defeat Olympic boxing champion Ashwin (Arun Chowdhary) in boxing if he loves her. Vinod also without asking any further questions or asking Subhiksha the reason for such a weird condition accepts this challenge. He works hard and learns Kick Boxing and prepares himself for the upcoming challenge. The suspense unfolds later that why Subhiksha kept this challenge in front of Jai and Will Jai be able to win against an Olympic champion.

Analysis: Saravanan's direction fails to impress as the movie has poor narration and dialogues. Moreover, the film is dragged at crucial scenes which makes the audience lose interest. The movie also ends abruptly. Background music is good but after dubbing, songs lost their essence. Visuals are beautifully captured. The fight sequence has been filmed exceptionally and is the highlight of the film. Romantic scenes between the lead pair are decent. Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography is a plus for the movie. But editing and screenplay disappoint us. The script is fresh and unique, but the director failed to execute it well and hence the flick fails to attract the audience.

Star Performances: Jai is superb in his role. He has worked hard to learn kick- boxing for his role of Vinod and looks good in the fight sequence. Andrea Jeremiah is just an eye candy in the flick, but she looks good in that too. Also, the chemistry between Jai and Andrea is exciting. Arun Choudary is portraying a negative role, and he has done proper justice to it. Although the story is unique, and actors have supported it well, but the direction let it down. Saravanan's direction has many loopholes which distract the viewer.

What's there ????

1. Jai has brilliantly carried his role, and his acting is a must watch.

2. Andrea Jeremiah looks glamorous in her role of Subhiksha.

3. The climax fight scene is good.

4. The seriousness of the movie is maintained and doesn't dilute with time.

What's not there ????

1. The director has failed to narrate the story in a manner which interests the viewer.

2. All the songs in the movie are wrongly placed.

3. The screenplay of the film is below par.

4. The film is unnecessarily stretched just to increase the run time which irritates the audience.

Verdict: Only if you are an action lover then watch ‘ Champion’, else it doesn't offer much to its audience, and you may end up feeling pity on you after the film.