Top 10 Tollywood Movies That Youngsters Will Relate To

Top 10 Tollywood Movies That Youngsters Will Relate To Telugu Article

Students, the youngsters who face many challenges affiliated to feelings, future, and responsibilities. Being a part of this generation is difficult yet a fun phase of life where everything and anything seems possible in life. This generation faces more confusion with the vast number of opportunities and the unusual living ways that have redefined jobs.

We present to you ten movies which you empathise with.

1. Kotha Bangaru Lokam Click to look into! >> Read More... Kotha Bangaru Lokam :


The modern day real life romance story which shows perfectly the difficulties that one has to deal with in our mediocre society and how being lovers is a sin. Challenges faced and how parents support is required is well shown. It also shows that Love is not the only main constraint in life but career and education are also a must.

2. Happy Days:


This movie depicts the Life of 6 B.Tech students through their journey of four-year course, form bonds, create memories, face hardships and discover about each other. The story is a slice of cake, with smooth execution we unravel the difficulties and differences one faces during this period.


3. Pelli Choopulu Click to look into! >> Read More... Pelli Choopulu :

The recent blockbuster is well known for its humour and also for promoting the concept of an entrepreneur; one need not be an engineer or doctor necessarily to reap success in life. Here is a tale of how two people find love in their work and earn a life partner during the process.


4. Oh My Friend Click to look into! >> Read More... Oh My Friend :


A boy and a girl have always been looked at with judging eyes; do they necessarily have to be in a relation? Can’t they simply be friends and spend their lives as friends? Watch a young pair of best friends break the stereotype and prove that opposite gender friendship don’t necessarily lead to a marriage or love.

5. 100% Love:


Love in college days seems eternal, what happens to that love as the college comes to an end and there are jealousy and competition for jobs in the market that creates a wall between these lovers? What happens in the future? Find out in the movie for the possibility of how ego can crush a beautiful relation.


6. ‘ Karthikeya Click to look into! >> Read More... Karthikeya ’:

What differs between a man, and an animal is a brain, the curiosity and the hunger for more facts and knowledge. The protagonist breaks all odds against him as he solves a mystery with a sheer sense of logic

7. Pilla Zamindar Click to look into! >> Read More... Pilla Zamindar :

The generation of irresponsible intolerant brats needs to learn how things go out in real life. Watch as our protagonist falls from his throne into a village life where he learns that life is not as easy as he thought it was.

8. ‘ Bommarillu Click to look into! >> Read More... Bommarillu ’:

We all disguise our notorious acts at home, but how far are you disguising yourself that your parents fail to recognise your needs and interests. Our Hero finally unmasks himself before his family revealing both shocking and humorous facts about him as he fights for his love.

9. ‘Nuvvila’:

It is the story of six people trying to make a living in their lives following their passion, love, and instincts. Along the way they meet obstacles and have an unexpected turn of events, but in the end they are mature enough to sort it all out.

10. ‘ Rangam Rangam is a Telugu television series which had bee >> Read More... Rangam ’:

If you don’t like how the things work, then stand up and be the change you wish for; the movie sends a strong message about how our youth can create a real change if they get serious also expose a different side to terrorism.