The Tamil movie ldquo Kappal rdquo is dubbed into Telugu as lsquo Pandavullo Okadu rsquo It is a debut movie of the director Karthik G Krishi who has been

Pandavullo Okkadu Movie Review

Pandavullo Okkadu Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Pandavullo Okkadu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 31-07-2015
Genre: Action, Romance
2.75 / 5.0

The Tamil movie “ Kappal” is dubbed into Telugu as ‘ Pandavullo Okadu’. It is a debut movie of the director Karthik G Krishi who has been the assistant of Shankar. This movie made a blockbuster hit in the Tamil version and hoping for the same in Telugu also.

Plot: The story is about five friends who decide to remain unmarried and enjoy the whole life as bachelors. They believed this as the best option to keep their friendship strong. All the five friends did not break their promise after growing up. But Vasu (Vaibhav) got bored with this commitment and shifted to Chennai in search of both job and love. He met Deepika ( Sonam Bajwa) there and fell in love with her after connecting with her. Deepika too developed feelings for him. The story gets interesting when Vasu’s friends come to Chennai and see that Vasu has broken the promise and is in love with Deepika. Will they be able to break their relationship? What Vasu will choose – love or friendship?

Analysis: The production team did a great job. They have shown all the locations beautifully. Editing could have better as there were many scenes to be edited. There is a good collection of songs but the timing is not proper. The first half of the film is quite exciting. All the childhood episodes and stories are entertaining as compared to that of the recent times. But the second half did not impress much. The screenplay is not bad but not up to the mark. The director maintained the entertainment but made it too long. If they were about to make it lengthier, they should have increased the entertainment. The cinematography is average. The plot was strong but the execution did not work out. The jokes seemed drowsy. It would be better if the whole crew took it seriously. All in all, it was a low budget film, but gave us many laughs and returned entertainment in exchange for our money.

Star Performances: The selection of the cast is perfect. The acting of all the actors was usual and there was nothing about them to be appreciated. Sonam as a debut actress is decent with her role. The role suits her. She looks cute, hot and charming but needs to work hard on emotional scenes. Vaibhav is the son of Kodandarami Reddy. He diminished with the time but he has shown his potential and capabilities through this movie and established himself in Tamil cinema. His timing of comedy is best. The lead pair showed a good chemistry. Arjunan, Karunakaran, Venkat Sundar and Karthik Priyadarshan did a valuing performance.

What is there? The main idea of the director was to make a comedy film which he carried successfully from starting to the ending. The comedy scenes did not let the audience get bored. The cast carried out the humor in a perfect way which made the people sit to watch the second half. Dialogues played the major role in the success, especially the single punch lines. VTV Ganesh was funny. The music by Natarajan Shankaran is unexceptional.

What is not there? The movie is made unnecessarily long. A single joke stretches for almost 15 minutes, which makes it little boring with every passing minute. The first half shows a common love story. Some scenes were supposed to be edited. Also, the second half is unexciting with the predictable ending.

Verdict: The film developed connectivity with youngsters through some of the nice, vigorous portions. Some moments in the second half may disappoint, but one should at least give it a chance and watch it.