Operation Gold Fish is scripted and directed by Adivi Sai Kiran. The movie is produced by Prathiba Adavi, Katta Ashish Reddy, Padmanabha Reddy and Keshav Uma Sw

Operation Gold Fish Movie Review

Operation Gold Fish Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Operation Gold Fish"
Runtime: 2 Hours 07 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-10-2019
Genre: Action, Thriller
2.5 / 5.0



Operation Gold Fish Click to look into! >> Read More... Operation Gold Fish is scripted and directed by Adivi Sai Kiran. The movie is produced by Prathiba Adavi, Katta Ashish Reddy, Padmanabha Reddy and Keshav Uma Swaroop. The music composition is by Sricharan Pakala Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sricharan Pakala and the cinematography is by Jaipal Reddy and editing is by Garry BH. The movie has the star cast of “ Aadi Actor Aadi is an Indian film actor worked in Telug >> Read More... Aadi ,” Sasha Chettri Sasha Chettri is an actor. She was born in Dehradu >> Read More... Sasha Chettri , Anish Kuruvilla Anish Kuruvilla is an Indian actor, executive prod >> Read More... Anish Kuruvilla , Karthik Raju Karthik Raju is an Indian Actor. He is an upcoming >> Read More... Karthik Raju , Manoj Nandam Manoj Nandam is an Indian Actor. He mainly works i >> Read More... Manoj Nandam , Nitya Naresh Nitya Naresh has her origin as a Malayali girl but >> Read More... Nitya Naresh , Rao Ramesh Rao Ramesh is a Telugu actor and son of Rao Gopal >> Read More... Rao Ramesh , Krishnudu and Parvateesam.


Kashmiri pandits are killed by Gazi Baba, a terrorist. Among the victims, Arjun's parents are the ones. So Arjun hates Gazi Baba and decided to become an NSG commando to control Gazi Baba and his terrorist activities. As he wishes, he becomes a commando. After becoming the commando, with his hard work, he captures Gazi Baba. But, Bab's head Farooq captivates a minister's daughter and orders the government to release Gazi Baba. What happens next? Will Arjun release Gazi Baba and save the minister's daughter or kill the terrorist? Watch the movie to know the answer.

Star Performance

Aadi is impressive in his role as an NSG commando. His excellent performance will get him some right roles in the future. Rao Ramesh’s performance is impressive, as usual. He performed naturally and made the audience feel as if it happens in front of them. Anish Kuruvilla is also good with this performance. Nithya and Sasha didn't have much to do, but they did justice to the roles.


The story is not new. However, the first half was scripted well and the screenplay is good in the first half. The second half had a lot of unnecessary insertion and it makes the audience get irritated. A lot of logical loopholes in the film tests the patience. Certain scenes are explained well and some of the spoon-feeding scenes irritate the audiences. Similarly, the romantic portion is not impressive. Cinematography is wonderful and the cool color tone is good. The songs and BGM are okayish.

What's There?

  • Performance of the stars is good
  • Cinematography and music are impressive

What's Not There?

  • The screenplay is not impressive in the second half
  • A lot of logical loopholes


Although the movie has some patriotic dialogues and punches, it irritates much with its logical loopholes and slow narration in the second half. However, it is watchable once!